Garment Review: Setrms Pardesü (jilbab)

I recently was lucky to get a Setrms brand Turkish pardesu from Setrms UK.  It’s the “metro jacket” and is really delightful. The cut, design and material are all really nice. There *is* a reason why Turkish jilbabs (pardesus) are considered the best with Jordanian jilbabs following in a close second. Really the details and material makes the high price tags worth it.

Here is a picture of it from their website…

It’s 3/4th length and unlike some other Turkish jilbabs Ive seen , its cut as an A-line so although the buttons stop above the knee area, when walking, it doesn’t fly open exposing your legs…ofcourse for modesty sake it’s best to wear either really baggy, wide-legged pants or a skirt under the pardesu (yes, wearing skinny jeans would negate the hejab aspect of this ensemble!). Since I loath skirts…I’m all for wide-legged, baggy pants.

It’s actually lined but only half-lined and the lining is 3/4th mesh and maybe a quarter thin cotton. I normally also really loath the polyester linings you find in cheaper jilbabs, the nice higher quality linings found in some Jordanian or Turkish jilbabs isnt as bad…but still, I feel uncomfortable in them, I can hear myself rustle as I walk. LOL. This lining is very unnoticeable and the perk is, it protects the fabric from salt stains and discolorations. I have another Turkish jilbabs which I purchased while still in Saudi which is a very light beige without lining and I wore it quite heavily all summer and there are very light permanent discolorations in certain areas due to salt stains and soforth (and no amount of stain remover will remove them, I’ve tried, at least they aren’t readily noticable). I reckon the lining would indeed ensure garment longevity.  It also came nicely packaged up in a Setrms garment bag which is now over my Saudi party jalabeeyat in the back of my closet.

The color is a medium beige and it has a very slight pattern to it…all the more better so when your walking with a cup of tea or coffee, if a bit drops onto your pardesu, it’s not ruined! (c’mon, we have all experienced this!), it has really cute accents, such as a hood, buttons and trimming.

Only real major issue I have this with jilbab…and its an issue thats unique to Turkish made jilbabs is that the shoulders are cut very narrow. I doubt that every single Turkish woman is narrow shouldered and petite-Ive seen some tall, broad, big boned Turkish ladies before…so I dont know why they are all cut like this (atleast the ones Ive seen inrl). The only reason I can think of is because generally these jilbabs dont have shoulder pads or minimally very thin ones, so cutting the shoulders very narrow gives it a cleaner line, whereas Jordanian jilbabs tend to be cut wider in the shoulders but have sightly thicker shoulder pads to igive it the cleaner lines. Hence, if your very big boned (yes its possible to be thin with big bones!) or have wide shoulders (or even big hipped!) you may not be able to get a comfortable fit in a Turkish made jilbab OR would need to size UP one size-although that doesnt always work because sometimes then it won’t look like it fits properly.

For me, honestly, the cut doesnt really bother me a huge amount, but I’m not very broad shouldered in general so thats probably why.

One other thing I should mention is that they size according to British sizing, so keep that in mind!

Anyway, on to pictures. I like to think that the Turkish designs tend to be a bit more casual-great for class, going around with family, running aftere kids, whatever while the Jordanian designs tend to look a bit more professional, like less for those casual wearings. Ofcourse both works with either, but to me, thats in general how they appear.

Here are some of my own pictures…


One, Setrms rocks, I really like the designs comin’ outta the Turkish tesettur houses and I love how the price for their line isnt extremely outrageous!!!… So price…8 out of 10 stars. When on sale…10 our of 10!

Id give the quality of material and construction 10 stars outta 10 stars. I LOVE the mesh lining! hello.

For cut and fit, I’d give it a 6 or 7 out of 10 stars…cuz in general all Turkish jilbabs are cut on the slender side…and sizing up doesnt always look that good. So that may off some of our more curvacious sisters!

As far as shipping goes, the UK Setrms store sent my order to me quite promptly, infact it reached me within a week of them mailing it from the UK. Ofcourse, its “off-peak” mail time so thats why, once November and December “peak mail” time comes around, then *all* mail, international or not takes forever!

Here are some pictures from the upcoming Setrms Fall/Winter collection which Setrms UK will be carrying soon as well.

I really like these ones…


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