What to wear on a nippy Monday morning…

Asalaamu alaikum all! It’s suddenly gotten quite nippy- well, it’s to be expected…. It is mid- October!! Since I had an exam this morning in nursing and then lectures I wanted something fuss free and comfortable for sitting for 4 hours!!

I chose this outfit, everything about it is pretty plain and basic but what I love is the gigantic 60in scarf in the wild floral print! Believe it or not it’s from H&M like a year ago! I have on a 3/4th length Turkish manteau (purchased in Saudi), along knee length under shirt, Shukr lengha jeans and a cream polar fleece jacket. Quite comfy!



I don’t know if you noticed but the scarf is very similar to what Turkoman women in Iran and Afghanistan wear, that was one reason I was drawn to this scarf and also because it’s wonderfully huge and covers very well. .


Picture of Turkoman women in Iran with their quintessential, extra large, floral printed head scarves.


2 thoughts on “What to wear on a nippy Monday morning…

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum

    Love the scarf, and everything looks easy to wear and warm. It is getting cold here, too!

  2. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Love the outfit. I wonder if that’s something my daughter would think is “cool”, lol. I have such a hard time finding something that is her style but still acceptable to me. This is something I’d definitely be okay with her wearing and perhaps may even get a thumbs up from her!

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