Glowing eyes?

For some reason, I saw this picture and got a shiver down my spine. The shining grey eyes and the matching hijab. I *love* the scarf, its a beautiful, Ottoman-style design, but its just too eerily matching the shiny grey eyes. Its just slightly creepy.


7 thoughts on “Glowing eyes?

    • I dunno- or maybe not, I’ve seen many Turks with blue and green eyes- bt that scarf really does bring them out.

  1. umm ibrahim u are funny. this is just the way that Allaah created her InshaaAllaah. It would be the same if she had blue eyes and blue hijab or green eyes and green hijab. It does strike a person upon first glance. lol

  2. umm ibrahim…..are you…. (edited by me for privacy, yes umm Saalih! I hope to get up to the masjid next weekend for jummah, we’ll see, nursing school has destroyed my time! Lol)

  3. Salam alikum i have the same eye colour and i never thought about the scarf i wear needs to fit to my eycolour 😦 , but it really looks like they made the eyes more light at the picture .

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