Nice versions of the long khimaar set

Although I do love the look of long khimaar sets I just don’t find them very practical for my life right now but I recently stumbled upon these “versions” of the long khimaar set and really like them and think they would be a nice pseudo-long khimaar style. The flow and modesty sans the impracticality (at least as I think)

(Shukr Rahima Prayer set)

First this set from Shukr. Sure its listed as a prayer khimaar set, but c’mon…between the lovely colors, lightweight material and beautiful styling…wouldn’t you rock it outside and about? I know I would. You have the poncho with

shaylah style over a skirt. Kinda like a “long khimaar training wheels” for the covering sister.

I dont know how many of you have tried the recent trend of wearing a contrasting shaylah over your long khimaar, I have and I found it very uncomfortable as the khimaar got strange and bunchy around my neck and was quite snug around the chest area-not cool! Again, this Shukr one solves that problem… *drools*

And then there is this version from Islamic Boutique in Egypt which is a modified shoulder sitting long khimaar style/poncho, similar to the Shukr design but with actual sleeves. But its cut poncho style so there is still the khimaar look as everything is modestly covered. I *really* like this one, I think it would great for classes or running errands and would work even over those uber wide legged Shukr Lengha pants.

(Two-piece Saja set from Islamic Boutique)

Islamic Boutique also has two other similar sets but they are like modified isdaals in that they come to the knees and then are worn over a skirt, long-khimaar style.

  What do you think about these designs? would you wear them?


10 thoughts on “Nice versions of the long khimaar set

  1. I like the khimar/skirt combo, but only if the khimar is (maximum) finger length on me; any longer and it becomes totally impractical. The Shukr outfit is gorgeous, but I think I would prefer it without the shayla on top (I’m strictly an al-Amira/maghneh/khimar girl). The Islamic Boutique outfit looks good, but I don’t really like the way the arms are cut.

  2. I like the khimar/skirt combo a lot, and the Shurkr set is lovely, but I wonder if the sleeves would fall down. I like shaylas, but it does start to look like a lot of fabric. Of course, I would love to try them all!

  3. i love both of these looks as they are feminine yet modest 🙂 i would see myself wearing the first one in summer cos it looks quite flowy and light and i like to wear colours in spring and summer. the second one would go all year round. i have seen some somali sisters in my hometown wearing waist-long khimar with abaya underneath and i love that style but these styles would work with me better as i have round face. the long khimar (depending how it goes under my chin) usually makes me look overweigth 😀 these look so girly and practical. i think they would work well also with pregnant ladys 🙂

  4. These types of modified worn on the shoulder long khimar sets have been around in the UK since around 2005, mainly in Somali stores, I have tried some on but the problem is, on the ones with cuffs/small sleeves the ‘sleeves’ are always really short on me. Also another issue for me is I follow scholars who say the overgarment is worn from the head; not the shoulders, so even though the top piece of these is really covering it doesn’t really fulfill all the criteria of an overgarment according to what I follow. Final issue is all the ones I have come across IRL are made from nasty stiff cheapo ‘peachskin’ type material.

    • well, keep in mind these are pictures to show the designs, obviously youd want your scarf to cover more, but the poncho style with the scarf over it is indeed very well covering.

  5. I love the shukr ones… but haveing purchased lots from them, their styles are all super looong. I am 5’6 1/2 and the styles always drag on the floor. So i have to take up everything i buy from them.

    i love the khimar over jilbab look, inparticular the khimar with extra material for the chin,

  6. as salamu alaykum ukhti,

    i love this prayer khimar from shukr, I want to have it, do you know if i can still buy it ?

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