Product Review: Supreme henna ~ fake henna!

asalaamu alaikum wr wb,

About 2 months ago I was in one of the local Indian markets and since I wanted to get some new henna – because I henna my hair generally I picked up a package of this;

I bought the “maroon” as I thought it would be the closest to real henna, which naturally gives hair a dark burgundy/maroon color. Anyway, the reason why I didnt buy the regular “pure” henna is because last time I had bought some, it ended up being old and this package looked freshed.

Now, I usually use Iranian henna that we buy when in Iran, but, I dont have much left and alhamdullah, its the BEST henna, I dont care what people say about Indian or Rajastani or whatever Henna, wallahi, Irani henna IS the best. It tends to be extremely fresh and you get a super dark color either on the hair or skin very fast. Anyway, I’m almost out…UGH, andf would rather keep what little I have left, so hence buying this above pack.

Wow, I will NEVER use that kind of henna again. One, yes I knew it had extra dyes in it, but 1, on the package it doesnt list ALL the chemicals in it….which sort of worried me, but I pushed them aside.

So I mixed up a bowl like how I usually would, slathered it on and left it for 3 hours like they specify on the package, generally for real henna I leave it overnight.  While it was on my head I started to get a strange metallic taste in my mouth and my scalp was tingling…VERY strange. After the 3 hours I rinsed it out and even though all the henna paste and removed, the water would NOT run clear, the water stayed a dark red, like I had put drops of betadine or something in it. I washed my hair with shampoo…same thing. Well, I eventually had to give up and got out, dried my hair with a towel and saw there was large reddist colored marks from my hair everywhere on the towel. UGH!

To cut a long story short it took 1 full month for my hair to NOT stain the towels each time I washed my hair.

Not cool!

Obviously I’ve sinced chucked that stuff out! God only know what was in it! Real henna rinses out fully and there is no staining of towels!!

I gues I’ll just use thr rest of my Irani henna and hope I can find something similar somewhere….I definetly will not bother with Indian henna again of any kind!


6 thoughts on “Product Review: Supreme henna ~ fake henna!

  1. God have mercy… You should have washed it out as soon as you felt the metallic taste! It means that it had either lead, zinc, iodine in the “henna”, most probably lead. And that’s poisonous. Alhamdulillah, you haven’t left it overnight, it might have turned out worse then just the staining. Not that you would have died of it, my God protect us! But you could have ended up with serious head ache, nausea, abdominal pain and such. Please, warn everyone to not only stay away from this product, but to be careful when using natural hardies. Quite a few of them are not natural at all. Also, it’s better not to buy products that don’t enlist all of the ingredients, exactly because it might have something in it that is harmful. I don’t want to scare you, hopefully I didn’t and I really do hope that I’m being overzealous and what I think that might have caused the trouble is not what I really think. It’s just what I have learned at Medical School and my knowledge is very little. Just thought it’s better to be safe then sorry.

  2. Salam alikum , i did use the same henna and i had problems with wearing light coloured hijabs every time i start sweating red colour and marks apeared on my hijabs it was terrible and my hair was hard like wood after using this henna

  3. Nasty stuff, and frankly I would be careful of anything from Pakistan. There isn’t any quality control or safety regulations to speak of. I have heard of lead in a lot of cosmetics made there.

  4. It sounds like that nasty Sudan 1 dye (Allaah knows why it is called that) that got into the food chain a few years back (adulterated chilli powder made its way into several sauces, spice blends and ready meals sold in the UK), its used for car waxes/polishes etc so must be a very strong red colour

  5. I have used henna from the shops here, usually from pakistan or India not for my hair but for decortating my hands and it has been nasty stuff. Always not fresh and never 100% they mix chemicals in it. Becuase when i use it my hands start to tingle and burn a little. Then there is no stain just a faint orange left.
    I tried a sister online for henna, the name is Henna by Afruza. and its great stuff. All my non muslim freinds/non arab freinds use it too and love it. I havnt tried the hair henna she sells which is from pakistan.. but she is a honest sister and would only sell good stuff so inshallah will try it.

    When i dye my hair with henna i never fully get the colour out. When i wash an orange colour comes out which is the henna. and it stains my towels… but washes out in the wash so its not chemical dye its just how the henna is.
    Since i started to use henna from lush the stain has been deeper on my hair and therefore darker when it washes out in the water. they listed ingrediants and it says 100% natural.
    But i agree home made stuff is better. I usually get mine from Morocco, so next time i go ill get some its 100% natural nothing added!

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