Straight from the source ~ e-Tesettur

There are just some things about Turkish tesettur fashion which I just love…namely the long, elegant and high quality pardesu (jilbabs/manteau) and the utterly gorgeous silk scarves…although even the synthetic scarves from Turkey still seem to be utterly amazing.

But, authentic Turkish mohajabat fashion (tesettur) can indeed be very difficult to get outside of Turkey, most places which bring Turkish items to resell in the states tend to sell the low-end stuff but at double/triple cost OR they are online and sell authentic, high quality, tesettur attire but rack up the selling price, making a already expensive item, even more expensive…not cool!  (ofcourse my comment here does not relate to sister Edibe’s EDB designs enterprise in Australia, but since shes currently not running her business, well…where to get the fix? LOL)

I recently found this great online stop from Turkey which is geared towards Turkish customers both IN Turkey and abroad…hence, YES its in Turkish. E-Tesettur. Worry not, Google has a very handy translating page, just google it! Their prices are on par with in Turkey prices (which would make sense) and yes THEY DO SHIP ABROAD! I emailed them and the owner replied to me (yes the owner knows English) and said they accept overseas orders and accept credit card or Paypal and that in general shipping of one pardesu to the USA is around $25. NOT bad at all.

Here are some of the items I really…really like. They carry a variety of pardesu brands and styles and yes, even plus sizes! Beautiful squares and rectangle scarves, skirts and utterly gorgeous jewelry…I’m partial to the Mevlana series myself.

Silk,. satiny Armine shawls…

Cute and unique rings…

Doa’a pendants…

Yup, now you can get your tesettur fix, straight from the source…


5 thoughts on “Straight from the source ~ e-Tesettur

  1. Salaam, I love your blog. 🙂
    I have been searching for Islamic clothing myself and have been wanting to get ideas but never really got beyond shalwar kameez and abaya.
    And here you are! MashaaAllah. I’ve learnt a lot on my first visit here.
    Spent a great deal until 2 hours passed by.

    I suppose you want to look at this link too.
    Found it yesterday night looking for more West Asian traditional clothing.

    JazakAllah khair.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Salaam sis I love those turkish jilbabs they are so lovely!
    Went on that site but didn’t understand a word in turkish.
    Please forward me the english speaking owners contact email.
    I need to start ordering!!

    • Sister go to Google translate and use that,I don’t know turkish either, their contact info is right on the site.

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