…the EE minions strike again!

Whats funny is in my last post about my last order with East Essence and yes, really my LAST EVER order with them, I came to realize the stuff I purchased from them was pretty much worthless…I then especially realized that I was not the only sister miffed about their shotty quality when at the iftar for the Fast of Arafaat I ran into a sister Ive known for years who had on a jilbab from East Essence that I admit to drooling over…eegads, that thing was a MESS! a total mess and she was NOT happy about the jilbab ar all!  But…more on that later.

sigh, anyway…those darn East Essence minions have struck again. Apparently the company pays people to go around and post wonderful yet obviously too saccharin sweet comments raving about their excellent products…the funny thing is  THEY ALL HAVE IP ADRESSES THAT ORIGINATE IN NEW DELHI, INDIA…LOL, where East Essence is based!

Such as this ever so obvious comment…



I just returned my order to them and realised that they do not have a restoicking fees anymore. Only if you order a custom length garment will they charge 15% restocking. On regular items there isa no stocking fees and they were very courteous and helpful through the entire return process. Besides I feel their quality is better thanmost of the sites online that price gouge their customers.

Well, to the dear sister in Delhi…frankly Id rather be price gouged with HIGH QUALITY jilbabs, abayaat and everything else than ripped off by CHEAP, SHOTTY jilbabs, abayaat and everything else!

Wallahi sisters, you get what you pay for!

I had to bring up Shukr…but they are a good example, yes they are expensive BUT every single aspect of their clothing is excellent quality from top to bottom, from materials, to fit, to construction, to how its made internally…everything.

Like take the jelbabs I got from eas essence…one, I ordered a 56 length and one came as a 54 inches and the other was 56 but then when I wahed it the ENTIRE THING shrunk and when frm being suitable for an adult woman to being sutable for a 12 year old girl! The botton holes are made extremely close to the edge of the abaya, one wrong move and  RIP, the buttons are big, cheapo plastic, there is NO interfacing or reinforcing of stress points…also, aghain, everything they have shrinks upon washing and the material is shotty. The one jilbab already got pilly in stress areas after only 5 wears!

I have several Shukr jilbabs and Sajeda jilbabs which I wear almost daily and cept for some fading, they are *perfect*. \

hmmm, back to my friend. She had on this black denim jilbab which I had oogled over cuz ofcourse in the pictures it looks nice. In real life, it wa sa hot mess, the red embroidery on the seams was actually JUST red zig-zag stitching, the button holes were placed very very close to the edges of the jilbab and she had, had it only 2 days and already 1 button hole ripped. She was pretty upset about that as she also has a Shukr jilbab which she wore constantly and which has no rips or any real wear…she wanted a new jilbab from Shukr but the one she wnated was out in her size and color so she found, what she thought, was a similar one from East Essence.

Um…no. Never again!


7 thoughts on “…the EE minions strike again!

  1. I agree with you about East Essense – you get what you pay for. Cheap prices = cheap quality. Unfinished edging I can (sort of) live with. But my abayas from East Essense shrank!! A 56 inch became a 54!! Complete waste of money, now I have to give them away. This happened to another sister I know as well. I’ve ordered Islamic Boutique, Al Hediya and Sunnah Style abayas – they never shrank and quality is more reasonable.

  2. Aliyah…exactly! IF you do wanna order from them be sure to order several sizes to large to allow for shrinkage…LOL…or just order from a quality company! There is No sin in a company charging higher prices for QUALITY attire, I guess they forget about that huh. lol

  3. Oh, and their swimsuits are HEINOUS! It’s not even swimsuit material, it’s sewed all wonky (the hood is totally weird, and the arms are offset from each other), and the stitching on the inside is scratchy.

  4. I don’t want to offend anyone by saying this but this is why I avoid mass-produced stuff made in India and Pakistan in general, at least in the West the majority of stuff you can get from there is absolute rock-bottom quality and quickly disintegrates. I’ve looked at EE a few times but would never buy anything because I can tell even from the pics that most of the garments suffer from common issues you get with garments from India and Pakistan; some examples are-embroidery where the bottom thread used is black regardless of top thread colour; this means the black threads pull through to the front in places and it looks awful; cutting garments in the width of the fabric as opposed to the length meaning that they hang oddly, sewing the whole garment with a huge stitch size and I daresay the serging is either done in poor quality thread or non-existent. Also I could imagine that the fabrics used are not the best. There are a couple of ‘real life’ stores in the US that have their clothing made specifically for them in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but they really keep an eye on the quality control and the store owners go there frequently and choose the best fabrics and so on; these are the only places I’d buy any clothing from the Indian subcontinent.

    • Yup, yup yup, though I also wanted to add, in Saudi a LOT of the “ethnicy” Saudi stuff was actually made in India, esp like the house jalabeeyat, even some of the party ones and even some of the abayaat…and honestly, the quality on that stuff was good, the prices were not the cheapest (Chinese stuff was the rock bottom prices) but they were very manageable and of the ones I have from there…they have all lasted well and look good. I just think you have to go there and ensure quality control, which is something most people dont do. Its a shame. I ordered from EE back before we went to Saudi which was 2 1/2 yrs ago and then over this summer, youd think their quality would be better but nope. Id rather be price gouged with quality stuff than kr@p any day!

  5. This is one of the frustrating things about living in the west particularly in places where you can’t just walk into an Islamic clothing store and buy off the rack. I have ordered fro years from Islamicboutique (even my wedding abaya mashallah) and I have always been satisfied, but the less expensive stores have always been hit or miss. I now have a pre-teen that I’m buying for too so I’m tempted at times to try to save money but would hate to spend it only to lose out in quality. I think I’ll just have to buy slowly to build up her wardrobe and avoid what seems like a deal with EE.

    • Yup! I say try to invest in a cute, youthful, maybe knee or 3/4th length Turkish pardesu, maybe a bit pricy, but they r very trendy and cute. AyzaGursoy has several diff styles…

      yeah stay away from EE! ugh!

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