Shout out for Butters-N-Bars!

I wanted to do a shortie shout out for the fab company Butters-N-Bars, its a natural beauty products company run by a wonderful Monaqqabah sister whom I personally know and have known for a loooonnnggg time (although we lot touch for a bit)...anyway, I actually didnt know she ran this shop, but when I heard her talk about it and tried out some of the fantastic organic Rajashtani henna that she carries I knew I had to spread the word…also it doesnt help that my husband and I love all the homey, natural beauty products as well!

Her stuff really is fantastic, even the quickest search on YouTube will produce what seems like a gazillion gushing reviews of Butters-N-Bars awesomeness. mashallah.

(Egyptian Henna, she bags and labels herself!)

She carries a nice selection of Henna and wallahi sisters, she KNOWS her henna. Actually I KNOW my henna too and am very picky about henna for both hair and art and always try to use the uber fresh henna from Iran that we purchase when over there, but cuz I am kind of running out, I’ve been on the hunt for some equally GOOD stuff. My previous experiences with Rajashtani Henna purchased in an Indian market was utterly blah so I was skeptical but when I explained what I was lookin’ for at the masjids eid party, she suggested the organic, fresh Rajashtani Henna that she carries and even let me try it out. Yes, she had her henna supplies there and I giddily doodles some desgns on my hands to test it out. I had to remove it after 15minutes to help my son with some stuff but it was actually really dark-talk about fast dye release and the design ended up lasting a good week before fading away! I WANT some of that henna! mashallah (en’shallah soon!)

She also has lotsa body product goodies like real Shea butter and other yummies. She’s also very easy to talk too and knowledgeable about her products. She mentioned that many of her customers call her up to talk about their hair or of skin and to get product advice.

(Butters-N-Bars labeled liquid black soap)

Have any of you ordered from her before? Please share your experiences…en’shallah


8 thoughts on “Shout out for Butters-N-Bars!

    • Wa salaam- lol – monaqqabah is a fully covering sister who wears niqab. A mohajabah is a fully covering sister sans niqab.

  1. I ordered from her a few years back and I don’t know why I ever stopped, lol. JazakahAllah khair for the “shout out”. It prompted me to go over some old emails from the sister. I really did love the mango shea butter. My children have terribly dry skin and shea butter is far better for their skin than any other skin product I’ve tried. I also ordered a hair oil and it was really good, but it was 2 years ago so I don’t recall which one it was. I will definitely have to order from her again!!

  2. as salaam alaykum,

    I came across their site while looking for henna, but bypassed it. Now I feel more comfortable ordering.

    Do you have any recommendations for quality scarf pins? I got these great ones from a seller on ebay when I ordered a Turkish silk scarf. They are very sharp, but bendy. I haven’t been able to find them since and I’m now investing in another pricey silk scarf, so I’m looking for something that’s gonna be the least damaging.

    • wa salaam…hmmm…I dunno… honestly I learnt to use just straight pins, the ones with the plastic balls on the ends (quilting pins?) from the Turkish sisters I used to hang with back a decade ago. LOL. I dont use anything else. They r cheap and everything…

  3. Salam alikum i would be interested on the so called two pice jillbab , but i’m not shure on the size i’m 180 cm tall and quite big/large. What material are they ? I did buy last time one online there the material was very noisy while wearing around the head and remindes me on a rain cape. I would like to buy this very nice style 2 pice jilbaba.

    • wa salaam///just wait sis, the website will be up in a week or two. You got the not so great-cheapo material kind…thats why, the decent fabrics dont sound like a jumpsuit. Also they-the jelbabs only go by 3 sizes, based on height-total jelbab length, not body size, since they all come in a standard width. its assume they will fit pretty much all women-thin and buxom.

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