Art Nouveau-ish abayaat styles…

The Canadian company ILoveModesty has some really nice and yes…fairly unique abayaat which when I saw them struck me as being sort of an “art nouveau” style (how or why that came to mind, I don’t know. LOL).  The prices are quite good and they are using some different cuts and materials. They are more like modest, flowly gowns than abayaat perse but still, it shouldnt matter because they would still be overgarments.

Some of them arent quite my cuppa coffee, but there are one or two I do like would definetly wear, although at this moment, I’m pretty well setup wardrobe wise. LOL. But if your in the market for a uniquely soft, feminine and flowing abaya or gown and dont want either the Khaleeji look, sporty look or something entirely plain these may indeed float your boat.

Here are two I really like…

yes I love, love, love this one…

(Ruba Mock Wrap style abaya)


..and this one…which is silk with gorgeous Edwardian style box pleats…I adooooorrreee it…but know I’d really never wear it if I got it because it is silk and really would silk work for everyday wear? I dunno…but still…I addddoooooreee it!

(Korina abaya)


and these ones which I find lovely as well…

This Rosa one is reversible and is very Saudi style with the cut and snaps down the front. I like the idea of it but not so much the pink…

(Reversible Rosa abaya)


(2 layered Mavy abaya)


9 thoughts on “Art Nouveau-ish abayaat styles…

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I love the soft brown colors, and the styles look very nice and flowing. Have to take a look at them –

  2. Thanks for bringing our attention to this,Sis- I’d never heard of this company before.
    I very much like the Westernized take on the abaya and wish that there was more like this readily available. Although I personally love abayas, I find that the vast majority for sale in Islamic shops in the West tend to be Saudi or Gulf style- ie. black with sparkly/embroidered embelishments. I do like that kind of thing and wear it myself, but it’s a bit unrelenting. The black Khaleji-style is beautiful, but to Western, non-Muslim eyes it often looks scary and “foreign. Maybe abayas like these in more feminine colours and with Western styling/detail would be more approachable and “friendly”?

  3. Hmm am not sure; I like the camel one with the three flowers and it reminds me of a top I wanted from my favourite catalogue but in my humble experience camel is one of the least flattering colours actually in wear and seems to show up grease and stains more than any other colour. I am not sure about the ‘self print’ one as well as in the late 90s/early 00s similar self-print abayas were in fashion over here (as well as puffy Jordanian jilbabs with self-print jacquard) and consequently it looks a bit old hat to me now. I do like the shimmery maxi dress on the site though

  4. Btw this is the top that that three flower abaya reminds me of

    tho IMHO the top is in nicer colours, a bit more neutral-if the abaya was more in this neutral kind of taupey-brown I would be sold

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