Beautiful colored jelbabs, abayaat and khimaars have arrived from France!

asalaamu alaikum wr wb

I know, I swore off blogging and facebook until finals are over next week and I swear, this is the last you’ll hear of me until then…I’ve kept my promise and have had my nose in the books, classes and clinicals in the meantime and this week alone I still have 3 more exams and I had one today then next wee I have 3 more! yup…fun times.

But, I absolutely had to quickly jump on here and let you all know that our boxes of French mohajabaat attire arrived today! We now have a large selection of really lovely overhead jilbabs-both 1 pieces and 2 pieces, long khimaars and plain abayaat.

Details are below…

the plain abayaat are very very nice, they are in a wide range of nice, muted colors that you dont normally see in colored abayaat and there are breastfeeding friendly abayaat! All are closed front, but half are breatsfeeding abayaat where they have a hidden zipper over the chest area! Nice straight sleeves, A-line cut. Nice, quality heavier weight crepe material which is not staticy and would be airy in summer because the air will go though the weave. 100% matte. I have them in sizes from 3 to 5. 5 would fit up to a bust 50inches and length 60inches!
Exact sizing and colors will be up soon.
Price would be $50 and $55 for breastfeeding.

The khimars are super, super long, like knee length but dont cover the hands, so you dont need to worry about fabric over the hands, they are cut “jelbab” style so they cover the chin and come with seperate bandanas… nice, medium weight crepe. Plenty of muted colors and ofcourse black!
Price would be $25

The jelbabs are the full length and the 2 pieces. The full length is a medium weight crepe which is very matte and 100% opaque. Attached bandana and elastic cuffs. I have them in a variety of muted tones from size 1 to 3. Most are a size 2 which means if your around 5ft4-5ft6 they will fit well. Fits all boxy sizes. Not static prone material. Price per piece of the 1 pieces would be $60

The 2 piece ones are a A-line skirt with elastic waist and quality cord drawstring and a knee length demi/half jelbab, material is a very airy medium weight internet. Excellent for summer and spring but even good for winter because you can layer under and this material isnt staticy at all! mashallah. Plenty of nice colors, elastic cuffs and attached bandana. Price per piece of the 2 pieces would be $65

If your not really an overhead person but are intrigued, you can easily push up the cuffs to about elbow level and pair with a thin cardi, jacket or hoodie like whats popular in France! They are super quick and easy to put on and no need to finding a scarf and yadda yadda yadda!

Like I said, i’ll have up sizes and colors in the next few days-probably friday evening.

Our webstore will be up, en’shallah in 2 weeks and we’ll have proper pictures by then as well! But, if your intrigued, pop me a line and I can try to answer questions one by one.

(2- piece jelbab)

(long khimaar)

(1 piece jelbab)


15 thoughts on “Beautiful colored jelbabs, abayaat and khimaars have arrived from France!

  1. yah, they are lovely! I esp thought cuz they r closed front-even the breast feeding ones, they will en’shallah be popular-I remember when I was in Saudi many sisters wanted colored abayaat which r next to impossible to get anyway. From first glance they r like beige sable, navy, watery blue, moss green, black, brown, mauve, taupe and several other colors, sizes are dispersed throughout…all plain, simple and A-line. I am drooling over a mauve one myself but dh hasta hold me back cuz i’m already keeping a beige sable 1 piece jelbab. LOL…next shipment…en’shallah

    We r just waiting for me to finish my semester before the shop going live! Cuz dh needs me to model and I have to do the descriptions and everything…so…en’shallah soon.

  2. YES!!!! I can’t wait. I’ve been dying to get a 2 piece jelbab and I am even considering moving away from my traditional black lol. I will definitely be ordering inshallah.

  3. Salam Umm Ibrahim. It’s ok to slip once in a while to updates especially when it’s about abayaat 🙂
    Wow! I like that simple colored abaya. I’m sure it can be worn in any occasion and event. Until now, I don’t even know that France has many beautiful jelbabs. If one day I want to sell this kind of jelbabs in my abaya shop, I’m sure will be looking for you.

    • Yeah shocking as it may seem, France has some cool stuff. These r from the manufacturer though and they supply the French, western euro market quite heavily.

  4. salaam alaikum, i’m excited by all of this stuff. will you ship to australia inshAllah? am very interested in the dark green/black that you mentioned.

    • wa salaam, no because we bought them from the manufacturer but since your in france, as evidenced by your email, I’m sure you know of shops within France that sell Jelbabs. I also have several links on my blog to shops in France selling jelbabs.

  5. As-salaam ‘alaykum! Interested in one of the khimars! What kind of payment types will you accept sister? Will you accept just credit cards or paypal, or money orders as well?

    • wa salaam, sister I’ll put the URL to the business up tomorrow or at latest friday. Once its up then you can just go directly there and order directly like you would any other business online.

  6. Waiting impatiently for your site to be up, sick of reading product descriptions in French (I can understand French pretty well but does get old after a while 😀 )

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