The cross-Atlantic leap!

asalaamu alaikum wr wb sisters,

I wanted to ask you all a question, something which my husband and I have been discussing.

   So here it is…I think the French/Algerian overhead jilbabs are rockin’ awesome and have many perks…like comfort, ease of wearing and no need for a scarf and plus they are easy to style-and they have style…and if you want, you can wear a cardigan or a hoodie or even just layer a few headbands and that since they are popular amongst European sisters in France and elsewhere and that not every French sister wearing one is of North African descent that I believe these will en’shallah become popular here, on this side of the Atlantic.

My husband, although he finds the style extremely nice and he actually says the 2-piece ones are quite stylish and…look good and modest all at the same time —and this is coming from a guy who dislikes anything too exotic or excessively baggy-LOL —-that they should become popular here en’shallah,  yet he also wonders if maybe they are something which is more suited to Europe or to North African sensibilities and style and that they wont really catch on as a mainstreamy sort of thing here, mainly because there is’nt enough out there about them, or that they are just too new for sisters here to get into… This is coming up because we want to order more items from the manufacturer en’shallah soon and are discussing what to get! LOL

Hence I turn to you all…what do you think?

Please share your opinions!

1) Do you think the term “overhead jilbab” is a suitable name for the French/Algerian overhead garments? I had considered overhead abaya since thats a more popular term, but they arent from the Gulf and dont “look” like an overhead abaya anyway. I felt overhead jilbab was a better term since in the Quranic sense and scholarly sense…they are indeed “jilbabs”.

(Beige sable 1 piece overhead jilbab from

2) Do you think they are nice looking, interesting, wearable?  If you had one, would you actually wear it? Do you think they are suitable for Western (American) sisters? Does the fact they come in colors and different materials appeal to you? What about convenience since they are both the 1 piece and 2 pieces with a skirt?

3) Do you think they would appeal to a wide range of Muslim women or just women who already wear overhead overgarments?

4) What do you think of the prices we listed?

Okay sister, en’shallah I appreciate your responses! I really…really…really want these to become popular on this side of the Atlantic too! en’shallah


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  1. Salam alaikum! Personally I love the Algerian overhead abayas. I am planning on ordering one soon inshallah, I just haven’t yet cause Im moving in 2 days. Better to get settled in my new home before ordering a bunch of stuff, you know?
    1—I do think that overhead abaya is a better term, for some reason I always think of a jilbab as a button down coat style thing, and I think on most websites they list most coat style garments as jilbabs, and pull-over style garments as abayas.
    2 and 3—I do think that for more conservative American women, they would be good for everyday wear, and even for your typical non-abaya wearing sister, they would be convinient for if your only leaving the house for a moment or two (for example, to get the mail, or to sit outside and watch kids play in the backyard) because instead of having to worry about finding a hijab and making sure that the rest of your clothing is modest, you can just pop one of these on and be done with it. I personally prefer the 1 piece abaya, but the 2 piece could also be nice since you can mix and match with different skirts/khimars.
    4—I think the price is reasonable.

    Are these selling pretty well for you?

    • They are selling OK, alhamdullah, but sofar just black ones are going fast! LOL…thats why I wanted to see what sort of an interest there were in them…as I feel they can be worn even by sisters who have a more mainstream, modest, mohajabaat style, and that they arent suitable just to sisters who wear say khimaar or who already wear overheads…but like, for everybody…ya’know. Does that make sense? LOL

      • AoA, if the skirt is too long and you do not sew, you could use a sewing alternative to ‘hem’ it up using an iron. There is a product called “heat and bond” which I have used in the past to hem and for crafts. It works very nicely for these applications. As for the French jilbabs, I like the look of them, I have two I bought from eBay from a sister in England who sewed them. But mine are a bit different in that it does not have the chin guard and she provided a half niqab with these. I’m still wanting the wrap skirt style covering I saw women wearing in Adana. I have yet to find the shop where they were made. You tie the wrap skirt, then the other part is attached to the skirt, but you tie it like the french jilbab around the head. Then also attached is the part which covers your face and front upper body and it extends until the hands. A sister was wearing it and inside the house where there was only women, she could flip the upper part which covered her face over her head and just sit comfortably, and then when she went out, she just flipped it back to cover herself. It was so cool that I am still searching for it.

  2. Salam alaykom, I think they look very different and although I want to wear it, need help with styling ideas. I liked the french sisters feature and more would be helpful inshAllah. they are beautiful though.

    • I’m working on getting more pictures up and en’shallah will start a blog for the business where I’ll feature that! en’shallah. Frankly what I just do is wrap a scarf as an underscarf, then put a narrow headband around my neck, put them on and pop the headband up over the top of the bandana part and voila, throw on a cardie and i’m out the door, very quick and stylish…and covering.

  3. When I hear overhead abaya I think of the gulf styles, when I hear French (or Algerian) jilbab, I think of these so I think overhead jilbab should be fine.

    Yes, I do think they are wearable, and I think they may catch on here. I like that they come in different colors and I personally really like the look of them, I like this look better than long khimars to be honest. And I think that it would be something that sisters who wear the long khimars would like, because it covers and they could wear one of these for a change of pace without compromising any modesty, you know what I mean?
    But even though I really like them, I honestly would feel way too self-conscious in one at this point. So if I had one, I wouldn’t wear it out, but would wear it for praying or going out in the backyard since our stupid walls are so low…
    I like the 2-piece, if I were to buy one it would be that style.
    And yes, I think the prices are reasonable.

    • I wanted to tell ya sis that actually…these arent weird or too exotic looking. i’m saying this because you can wear the 2 piece ones in many diff ways, like the top part with a contrasting skirt or a denim skirt or even those uber wide-legged shukr lengha style pants and they can be worn with a light cardie, vest or hoodie. And the look isnt that different from a scarf, tunic and skirt. Only difference is there is less hassle with a seperate scarf and your chest and everything will be well covered. My husband who is very anti-anything too “exotic” or baggy…actually really…really…really likes these and he thinks even alone they are pretty stylish, especially the 2 piece ones. And he prefer shoulder jilbabs or abayaat and scarfs as my general style yet he really actually likes the 2 piece kind especially. So maybe if you tried one, you may like. Also i’m talking my hubby into making up a coupon for like $15 off of either a 1-piece jilbab or a 2-piece jilbab set so sisters feel better trying one, also we do accept returns. I’ll keep you all posted about the coupon once we have it made up. en’shallah

  4. waalaykum salaam warahmatullahi wabaraktu

    1) I would stick to Overhead Jilbaab 🙂

    2) I wear the jilbaab myself. Ive got different colours (purple, black, grey brown etc) Alhamdulilaah there very easy to wear and comfortable.

    3) I think it would appeal to different sisters as there becoming more popular now.

    4) The price is a bit high….

    • sister, jazakhallakhairoon for your comments…I agree, I prefer the 2 piece overhead jilbab myself and alhamdullah my husband really…really…really likes them. About the price, as far as US prices go, we are in-line with those also keep in mind we have to have them shipped via a courier service from France-we must use a courier service for several reasons, one big one is they are expedited through Customs and we dont have to go through a ton of hassle getting our items, so the cost of these necessities are included. But, the prices are decent and quite normal for what is being sold and is 100% on par with normal US prices.

      I also wanted to add, that if one ordered directly from France and if you include the high cost of shipping, frankly…the cost ends up being about the same or actually more than what we are charging…But there is less wait and more security since they are coming from within the USA anyway.

  5. Asalamu aliekum sister,i lv these and would wear this type of khaimaar if more sisters in the uk did :)i do wear this style when i`m in Algeria and they are great 🙂 xxx

  6. Asalaamu Alaikum sister, Yes these are fantastic. so comfortable and practical and the biggest bonus i think is that you can wear just a singlet under when it’s hot. So cool and convenient and you don’t have to worry about the wind making your jilbab fly up and so on. They’re getting very popular here in australia and i know whenever i wear mine,i always get asked where did i get it from. here we call them jilbabs with sleeves, so… InshAllah they become very popular and a success for you. 🙂

  7. 1) I think Algerian or French overhead jilbab is better… Sounds like a more specific style than just overhead jilbab which me think of the standard way jilbab is used nowadays (buttoned) but as an overhead. Adding Algerian or French makes more sense that this type of jilbab is one without buttons.

    2) I like them, especially the 2 piece. They are too far from my regular style for me to consider wearing it though, but I should mention I’m not a hijabi so you can see how far this is from my regular clothes. This is the type of thing I’d like to wear in a Muslim country though.

    3) As long as it reflects the quality that is offered, it sounds reasonable.

  8. Salaam alaikum,

    1. I think “overhead jilbab” is a better term; I personally call all overgarments “jilbabs” because that is the word used in the Qur’an and it doesn’t necessarily refer to one specific type of garment (a jilbab could be an abaya, a chador, a pardesu, a maxidress, a tunic and skirt, etc.).

    2. I wasn’t a huge fan of them at first because I feel like they would be far too loose on me, and I also don’t really like the monochromatic look. However, after really examining them on the store website, they’ve grown on me a bit. I like the fact that they have sleeves so your arms/hands aren’t obstructed by the length of the khimar, although I personally prefer wide, straight sleeves rather than the baggy sleeves that cuff at the wrist. Even though I don’t usually like wearing all one color, I think I actually prefer the one-piece jilbabs because they remind me of chador-e-mellis (which I think are awesome). Yes, I definitely like the fact that they come in many colors, a nice change from only seeing black ones available! While I do like the jilbabs you’re selling, they’re not my favorite style, and I don’t see myself ever giving up my standard jilbab and long al-Amira. 😛

    3. Honestly, I think they will probably only appeal to women who usually wear overhead jilbabs or a long khimar/skirt outfit (Somali-style). The only people that wear the matching khimar/skirt outfit in Boston are Somalis (I wear it occasionally, but not every day), and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wear a one-piece overhead jilbab besides myself.

    4. The prices listed are definitely fair, especially considering how rare these styles are in the USA.

    I have a request: I noticed that you’re selling al-Amira hijabs, which is awesome. Would you ever think of stocking the extra long al-Amiras, like the ones that hit between the elbow and wrist? Those are the kind I wear on a daily basis, and they are surprisingly hard to find.

    • Anne…I hear ya on the Amiras…I would have prefered longer ones myself but we felt the average sized ones may be more appealing since many sisters who wear them, wear the average length ones, but we do plan to branch out over the summer and will be looking for different scarf options in the spring, en’shallah. I’ll let you know though, I would love to get the longer amirahs with the chin-cover myself…en’shallah

      To add about the monocromatic bit…you can actually pair the top part with a contrasting skirt or wear different headbands or whatever to jazz up the color a bit if you like, honestly though I prefer the monocromatic look…even with abaya and scarf I tend to blend…LOL…I’m not adverse to a contrasting underscarf, headband or cardigan. So, i guess it just depends on how you wear them, even wearing one sans a cardigan you can wear a bit of a colored arm sleeve peeping out or something to add a bit of color. Ive seen plenty of sisters in black head to toe, but they have little details which add panache…like say colorful shoes or a pretty bag or a bit of detailing, its all in how you work it.

  9. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

    1. Overhead jilbab is a better name than overhead abaya in my opinion.

    2. I have already ordered a one piece overhead jilbab from your store and I am very pleased with the product. InshaAllaah I plan to order some of the two piece overhead jilbabas. I would love to see a wider selection of colors such as purple and different sleeve types such as a tapered/straight sleeve instead of the elastic.

    3. I think they will appeal to sisters who already wear overheads. I also think they will appeal to sisters who don’t currently wear them due to lack of availability in the US. Speaking from my own experience, some sisters may not be interested in overheads due to lack of information. It wasn’t until after I read “Four Essays on The Obligation of Veiling” that I learned the jilbab comes from the top of the head and not from the shoulders.

    4. The price is reasonable. I order all of my Islamic jilbabs from overseas and have to pay a lot for shipping. Correct Islamic clothing should be available to all Muslim women without having to pay a fortune for it and having to wait weeks for it to arrive. May Allaah reward you for opening a US based store catering to Muslim women who wear the correct Islamic Jilbab prescribed from the Qur’aan and the Sunnah.

    • Jazakhallakhairoon for your kind comments siter! I’m soo happy you like the jilbab! mash’Allah!

      Oh and I hear ya on the mini fortune for overseas purchases and the requisit weeks long wait…unless you shell out more for EMS or DHL…yeah, thats another reason why I insisted we bring these…make life easier, en’shallah.

  10. I’m not sure this is going to be helpful, but as far as clothing goes, I think I’m representative of a large chunk of your target market. Please don’t take any of it as a personal criticism – it’s just my own experience and preferences.

    1) I’m not sure what the difference is between these and the Khaleeji-style overheads with sleeves. It looks like the headpiece is attached differently, but they’re similar enough that I think they could share the term ‘overhead abaya’. ‘Overhead jilbab’ is accurate in the Qur’anic sense, but in modern usage, ‘jilbab’ means a specific style that looks nothing like this one. If you want to be more specific than ‘overhead abaya’, I think something like ‘Algerian-style overhead’ might be a better name for it.

    2) Honestly, no. Here’s the problem I have with overheads: if they’re not cut loosely enough under the arm, they get hiked up every time I raise my arms to shoulder level, and if I need to reach something above my head… well, that’s not gonna work unless I’m wearing another modest layer underneath, in which case the overgarment isn’t really necessary anyway. If they’re cut loosely enough to avoid that problem, then there’s way too much fabric flapping around for me to go about my daily life without constantly getting caught on things. It seems to me that overheads are designed for women who don’t spend much time outside the home, and don’t have to do much while wearing them. That’s personal taste, though, and I know many American Muslims who wear them.

    Also, I think overheads in general look kind of strange when worn by themselves. These look fine to me when paired with a jacket, but only because it makes them look like a shoulder abaya with a matching scarf. That’s solely a cultural preference, but many of your target customers have the same cultural biases that I do.

    I do like the color choices (especially Blueberry!), but I wish they were available in something other than polyester, and in lighter colors like sky blue, lilac, or pale gray. The Middle Eastern preference for dark colors is mostly due to culture, and doesn’t need to be imitated by Western Muslims. If you’re importing them from the Middle East, though, the manufacturer probably doesn’t make them in lighter colors.

    3) Like I said, they don’t look that different from other sleeved overheads to me. Some women who don’t already wear overheads might like the convenience of not needing a separate scarf underneath, but in my experience, overheads on the whole are less convenient than most other styles, so I’m not sure ‘convenience’ would make someone start wearing them. I think women who already wear them, or who want to wear them, will appreciate a different style, but women who weren’t previously interested in overheads will need some convincing.

    4) I think $65 is a good price for the skirt set, but $60 is a bit steep for the one-piece. Of course, I have no idea what it cost you to buy them – I’m just basing that on how much time and money I think it would cost me to sew something similar. I’m not sure how the headpiece is attached, but these look like they would be much simpler to sew than shoulder abayas. They use a bit more fabric, but polyester crepe isn’t expensive, and I don’t think the one-piece should cost more than a plain shoulder abaya made from the same fabric would.

    The fact that the skirt set is only $5 more, and is actually less with the coupon, makes me wonder about the quality of the skirt. That’s not personally directed at you, it’s just something I’ve learned from hard-earned experience shopping online.

    I understand the prices are mostly due to shipping. If it’s at all possible for you to handle the shipments yourself instead of using a courier service, I think the time invested would pay off in increased sales.

    Sorry for the novel-length comment! I hope some of it will be useful to you.

    • salaamu alaikum

      well answers…1) these are not like the khaleeji overheads at all, khaleeji overheads are cut on a huge square and the sleeved ones have sleeves cut in, these are actually cut at an angle with a straight top hence why they puff out over the chin and cheeks and chest., Also they dont raise up when raising your arms as they arent cut as a huge square.

      4) The normal prices will always be 60$ for the 1 piece and $65 for the 2 pieces, the 2 pieces are internet crepe and the 1 pieces are light crepe all are by the same manufacturer in France. Actually the skirts are nice and can be worn alone as well, they come as a pair, I didnt randomly choose to put a skirt together with an overhead, LOL, if you see the pictures I posted on the website you’d see the skirt picture. the material, sewing, everything is the same as the demi jelbab (the half overhead). This manufacturers quality is mashallah very good because they are aimed at the European market, not the middle eastern market-they are also the most popular in France and western europe. Additionally the coupon is for a temporary promotion…in general the 2 piece jelbabs either with the sarouel, straight skirt or A-line skirt are always more, even in France, even in euros than the 1 piece ones as your paying for 2 items, not just one. Every company has occasional promotions…this is no different. in 2 weeks the promotion is gone and the price will go back to $65, my husband suggested it as he thinks the 2 pieces are very stylish and nice. mashallah, en’shallah if we bring caviary or saloona crepe jelbabs then actually the prices would be more as the prices of those in France are quite a bit more as well, due the material. Additionally if you buy these from France between the price plus shipping the price ends up being the same as what we charge or more…sans the long wait and potential hassle with customs.

      I highly suggest you go back through all of my posts on these and read them because it seems like you dont see the differences when there are many, en’shallah maybe my previous posts will explain this better.

  11. Assalaamu alaikum sis,

    I’m so glad that you’re offering a promotion…not that I think the price is too high. You know from personal business transactions with me that I’ve spent more if I feel the quality is worth it. I’m just short on cash right now and any sale is a good idea to me, lol.

    I normally wear shoulder abayas in black but have been branching out ever so slightly to other colors but still muted ones so the colors you’re offering suit me fine. I have previously not purchased overhead abayas because I have had some from the gulf and from Egypt neither of which I liked very much, but these look like they’d be much more convenient for me as a working woman. I plan on ordering the 2-piece because I am still nursing a little one so anything I buy now has to have buttons, zippers or some other easy access for the baby. It’s not very practical to have to run and hide every time the baby is hungry 🙂

    I personally think they will appeal to a wider audience even if they choose to not wear them on a daily basis but perhaps to Islamic events or even as a quick fix when company comes over. After reading your blog and seeing the pictures I’m eager to pair mine with a nice sweater or jacket for work or without while going about my regular business.

    I think the term “overhead jilbab” is fine because it will set itself apart from what your target audience thinks of when they hear “overhead” or “overhead abaya” and curiosity may at least have them investigate the difference inshallah.

  12. I think they look very graceful, especially with colors, and especially the 2 piece. But right now I can’t bring myself to get one because I’m out of budget, but also because I just don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing it where I live, but perhaps if I lived in a more tolerant and cosmopolitan place I would love it, and I’ve found all other overheads I’ve ever tried totally uncomfortable and impractical for working as a teacher.

  13. Salam alaykum sis,
    Coming from Philadelphia I am VERY used to sisters in overhead abayas. Usually in black or blue, and we pay up to $70-80 if they have sleeves, zippers, satin trim, etc. Many of us love them and would wear them more regularly if 1) they has sleeves so we can layer 2) they came in more colors 3) they provided more coverage for those of us who are busty.

    • wa salaam, sister, i highly recommend you try the French overhead jilbabs…you may indeed find them quite comfortable and rather refreshing…I prefer them to the Gulf overheads now (generally).

  14. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I just got notice that my 2-piece jilbab has shipped. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get it. I will definitely post my review once I’ve worn it out. Inshallah I’ll be going to my weekly halqah on Saturday so I’ll let you know what type of comments I get about it from the sisters there. I already have a cute sweater to pair it with and am thinking of what type of underscarf to wear underneath to add just a splash of color.

    • Wa salaam, yes please do! We are right now in the process of getting more and will en’sha’Allah have them in a lightweight koshibo and more of the internet! They, alhamdullah are almost all gone and have been a smashing success sofar. alhamdullah! I love the ones I have, en’sha’Allah you will too!

    • Assalaamu alaikum,

      I finally got around to making my reply. Well my 2 piece jilbab arrived and I wore it out to my weekly halaqah. I only got one sister who commented on it, but a lot of the sisters who attend are Turkish and have their own unique style. I actually really love it and it feels much more comfortable than other overheads I have tried before. It was very convenient for nursing and did not feel heavy on my head. I also wore it a few times just to pray since it was very convenient. I will definitely order another color in the future inshallah.

      JazkahAllah khair again sister for bringing them to this side of the world 🙂

  15. as-salamu aleykum,

    i wear the algerian jilbab because…i live in Algeria! (But i’m a german convert…)
    what made me do this choice is that it is actually the only garment which makes me feel really covered, i feel absolutely at ease in it mashAllah, and i feel this is just the garment that the modest women of all times weared. In the simplicity is all the elegance mashAllah.
    I’m really very pleased to read that you from the other side of the world like, buy and sell it Allah barek!


  16. Salam aleykum
    I just found ur blog and I havent read thru all of it. But I have to say very interesting.
    I have a question regarding the online shops on the right side of ur blog. Did YOU order fom all of them, Im asking for safety reasons 🙂 Thank you

    Regarding your blog post. I love two piece jillbabs.

    • wa salaam, glad you liked it. As par the shopping links…no not all but the majority of them have been around for a long time and have a good track record. Also now adays, its pretty hard for a shop to scam a customer, there are too many safety precautions in place for both the seller and the buyer hen buying online whether its something like 2 checkout, google checkout or paypal. Glad you like them sister! So do I…also I do sell those 2 piece jelbabs, en’sha’Allah take a look at my shop if you get a chance.

      • asalam aleykum
        Sry for bothering you… Ive read thru your blog now and seen your blogposts related to some french sites. Considering the fact that most of them on your site are imported from france Ill try and order them from there, because Im from germany.
        Anyways may Allah reward you and bless your business. amin.

        I find it very concerning that there are not more shops in the western world that sell Jillbabs. Someone can find Embroidered Abayas evrywhere yet what is more beautiful than a nice quality jillbab.

        Alhamdoulillah your blog is very inspiring and helping.
        May Allah reward you. amin

      • Okay sis, yeah definetly, if ur in Germany, it makes more sense!!! Ive ordered from all those ones in France. 🙂

  17. ASA (again… I’m staying up way too late reading your blog). I know this is an older post but as I was reading backwards I was getting more and more interested in the 2-piece overhead jilbabs (especially from that article about the French girls) so I was glad to see this. I would be interested in trying one, if there were more colors available (lighter, ‘funner’ colors – there is NO WAY my husband will go for this unless it’s in a pretty color – and also size 3, as I’m both tall and plus-size). My husband’s Turkish and generally hates any kind of abaya or non-Turkish style, but I think the 2-pieces look cute and comfy. I’d buy one to try, were it available. Are there plans to re-stock them? Are they selling well?

    • Assalaamu alaikum,

      Umm Ibrahim posted somewhere (forgot which thread) that she’s getting in some new stock. She did a “pre order” but I’m not sure when the stock for her store will arrive yet? I just thought I’d reply since I get the blog entries to my email and just saw your message. Umm Ibrahim is mashallah very busy with family and school so she may not have a chance to reply right away.. My husband is Moroccan and prefers more lively colors but “puts up” with my more conservative colors of black and navy, lol. I really do love the 2 piece. It’s comfy and convenient for me as a nursing mother. I’m looking to order another as soon as they’re back in stock inshallah.

  18. Assalaamu ‘alaikum,

    It seems as though I missed the spring sale. Is it possible to extend it? I wanted to buy 1 one-piece and 1 two-piece for my wife.


    wassalaamu ‘alaikum

    • wa alaikum as salaam, brother you need to order through the website, and yes sorry, the spring sale is over.

  19. ASA! Well, I ended up buying one (just the top piece of a 2-piece one, which was very reasonable, especially since I wasn’t sure I was going to like the style) from a French website due to size/color availability. (And it was delivered in 9 days, with the cheapest shipping option.)

    I got a lightweight crepe one in a light blue – it might be the same as ‘blueberry’ but I’m not sure, it was actually called ‘bleu eau.’ I was really pleased with the fabric, it is indeed very light (I live in Texas so I was nervous) and breathes. My husband kind of hated it, LOL, but with a cardigan on top he can live with it (and with a lightweight thin knit fabric cardi it’s still a very heat-and-humidity-friendly outfit). I haven’t actually worn it out yet, but I think I will. With a cardi on top, it honestly looks like anything else I’d wear. I’ve been using it to pray in because it is SO easy to just whip it on (I don’t even have to tie the headband – maybe due to my head shape or size, it stays, although it does look better tied) and go. If I were pregnant I think I would love wearing this, because I’m already busty and pregnant-bust-and-belly are so hard to cover.

    The only issue I have with it is that the wrist elastic is a bit tight for me – not on my wrists, but if I want to push the sleeves up (under a cardi, etc), it really cuts into my arms and it seems to be very thick elastic. Well, that and the color availability in general, I’d love some brighter/lighter colors.

    Thought I would post a review since some people seemed unsure! And for reference, I’m a hijabi who has never worn khimar, niqab, or even abayas really – lots of Shukr stuff, long skirts with loose tops, that kind of thing. Very much Western-style clothing.

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