Kinda ‘I dream of Genie”-ish and one look I like…

So, this is actually like 2 posts in one…also expect not too many new posts until summer because my semester has started and its split into three 8-week sessions which are pretty jam packed!

Anyway…Two styles…

recently Ive been seeing some of the French sisters who wear the Overhead Jilbabs getting this sorta “I Dream of Genie” look going on by putting blingy or plain narrow headbands (or maybe necklaces?!?) wrapped around their heads, outside of the jilbab. Uh, I can’t really explain any better than that…Here are some pictures to show what I mean. Now a huge fan though, maybe good for a womans only even thought…

What do you think? Here are a few more pictures…

But, here is one look I adore…a funky jacket over the jilbab…either denim or faux leather…very chic and funky while still keeping everything covered. I’m not in general a fan of “hijabi fashion trends” but this is one look I’m indeed diggin’. mash’Allah.


11 thoughts on “Kinda ‘I dream of Genie”-ish and one look I like…

  1. Salaamu alaikum Umm Ibrahim 🙂

    I love this style—though not with the ‘alien bump’. I would totally wear the pink jilbab with a cute headband like the sister has done.

  2. I use the stretchy headbands that go all the way around over some of my hijabs, to get a different look or to hold my hijab more firmly. Can be a nice look. Really like the pink jilbab also.

  3. This is really common here; I have seen sisters wearing these things over the more modern sleeved styles of overhead abayas, I think in some cases though it is too eye catching and defeats the purpose of hijab in some ways-just IMHO

  4. I’m sorta torn. Like Umm Abdullah said we don’t want something too eye catching and drawing attention to ourselves, but a little flair can be fun and cute. It’s the very reason I’m torn about wearing brightly colored and/or decorative hijabs at time. Maybe less blingy but a constrasting color could be nice….and minus the “camel bump”.

  5. Personally…I’m not a fan of the bling over the hijab or head part as I think I mentioned, but I do like the jacket-esp the denim jacket look, I think it adds a nice look and as long as the awrah is covered and everything is baggy, loose, covering everything then it wouldnt negate the sisters hijab, atleats according to most scholars…ofcourse, some may disagree but in general, thats the case. Obviously a Muslimah needs to use her judgement and stay away from stuff which is too attracting, hence why personally i’m not a fan of red or pink or shiny stuff or anything to swishy, blingy…but a muted tone or dark tones jilbab or abaya with a matching or contrasting equally simple cardie, hoodie or denim jacket indeed looks nice but isnt excessive, flashy or showy and isnt showing the awrah or curves.

  6. I don’t understand wearing any kind of fitted jacket/cardie with a jilbab or big khimar or overhead abaya. As the purpose of these garments is to be loose and fully hides the shape, so that you cant see the wearer’s shoulders or arms. I dont have the courage to wear these garments but I do admire them and think they are the perfect hijab. i generally wear a shoulder abaya/jilbab or a skirt and poncho and a shayla. By the way I absolutely love your blog and your commitment to the correct hijab, masha’Allah. Lucy

    • wa salaam, while I do agree that the garments are supposed to be loose but most scholars do not say that the arms can not be shown, some say you can,t but most dont…obviously something which is skin tight isnt right,because it negates the hijab but adding a jacket or a cardie doesnt necessarily show the figure any more than say wearing a regular shoulder abaya or jilbab. So whats the difference? One perk to the overhead jilbabs is they are baggier and puff out over the chest, cover the chin and cover the rear and hips and even when worn with a cardie or hoodie or jacket, everything is still covered. Only a small minority of scholars actually say you have to wear an overgarment which goes from the head and doesnt show the arms, most make no distinction, just they say an overgarment is required-or recommended. So in essence, whats the difference between a shoulder abaya or jilbab and this style? its the same…

  7. Is the first one made of satin? It’s very pretty, but wouldn’t it get hot?

    I think headbands look a lot better when they’re worn like underscarves – otherwise, they just make the head look lumpy, even without the conehead-style ‘lump accentuaters’ that some of those women seem to be wearing. Some of them remind me of Kim Kardashian’s wedding headband-thingy, which was actually kind of pretty, but… anything that makes someone think of the Kardashians while looking at a woman wearing hijab seems like it must be wrong! 😛

  8. wa salaam, I believe actually all of the jelbabs shown cept for the one with the denim jacket are actually all satin…right now satin jelbabs are extremely uh, “trendy” or something…personally I think they are too flashy but satin, in generally…isnt necessarily hot. It depends on the type of satin, weight, quality and material. If the satin is cheapo and nasty then yes they are hot and gross, but actually high quality, fine satin material is quite breathable and comfortable. I have 2 satin abayaat from saudi, 1 from a upscale boutique which cost around $100 and is plain but is very airy and breathable with a fine texture…whereas this other one I got at a cheapo indian laborer store for 75sr and its a horrid mess…i just keep it for like an eid or something cuz its much too flashy…but the quality satin actually isnt too bad…ditto for pure silk.

  9. As Salaam Alaykum 🙂 I am def. not an :overhead person” but I think you may have converted me over lol…what color and material is the brownish 2-piece overhead that you are wearing with the denim jacket?

    • wa salaam…LOL sis, im not in any of these pictures…these are all pictures from the web. There are many diff types of fabrics used for the French jelbabs…you just have to experiment to find the fabric you find most comfortable.

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