Great silk scarves and Turkish Pardesü

I know some of you adore the Turkish look…

Two great sites to peruse are HijabPlanet and E-Tesettur, both are based in Turkey. I’ve mentioned them both before…HijabPlanet is great for their wide selection of exquisite silk scarves and E-Tesettur is great for their wide selection of authentic Turkish overgarments called ” Pardesü” or “mantoo”. Both are great sites and ship quickly. Mash’Allah.

HijabPlanet is currently having their annual Winter Sale…great way to get a good price on a lovely silk scarf!

Here are a few silk scarves which I personally like…as you can see I have a think for florals!

(Karaca scarf from HijabPlanet)

(Karaca scarf from HijabPlanet)

(Arancia scarf from HijabPlanet)

E-Tesettur has a great and wide selection of pardesü and some come in sizes that are generally hard to find, which is great news for plus-sized sisters! Frankly…I really their selection, mash’Allah and they have an Outlet section and occasional sales on pardesü and actually, overall the prices of a quality, brand name pardesu ends up being rather reasonable and shipping to the US is around $27 via EMS for 1 pardesü! Only downside is they don’t have a English ordering page so you have to wing it with Google Translate and must pay via PayPal if your outside of Turkey. They speak English though and will get back to you if you contact them.

Here are a few Pardesü which I think look really lovely and quite everyday wearable! Most are ankle length, a few are 3/4th and knee length which would look lovely with those extra-wide legged pants they carry or a swishy skirt!

An Abaya-esque mantoo!

This knee length mantoo would look nice with a pair of brown, ultra-wide, modest pants or a straight brown skirt!

Seriously liking this lovely unique rose gold pendant in the form of a pomegranate (anar)

What did you think about the pardesu styles I just shared? What aspects of Turkish mohajabat fashion (tesettur) do you like and don’t like?


5 thoughts on “Great silk scarves and Turkish Pardesü

  1. I’m interested in the mantoo/pardesu coats in my search for my “hijabi style”. :p I like the length, which seems good for wearing with pants. The first website doesn’t seem to have any available, and the second has so many and is all in Turkish, so I’ll have to look at that with Google translate!! Are their prices reasonable for what you get (good quality?)? Also if you know of any sites that sell similar pardesu-style coats or even just good long tunics that aren’t tight in the tushie area (which seems to be how a lot are!!!),please let me know 🙂 I’ve been looking at the Shukr website, but a lot of them aren’t my style or are too short/too tight in the hips.

    • EWell, plod away with the Google translate…LOL…for Turkish its atcually pretty good and I’ll be honest,ly their prices are actually very good for the pardesu, most Turkish pardesu are outrageously priced when the aim is the non-Turkish population, so if you do a quickie conversion you’ll see, ditto for the shipping isnt bad, and they do, do sales.

      Frankly, very few sites have the decent Turkish jilbabs or even Jordanian jilbabs…but I like the Turkish ones better. But for choices, its pretty limited, thats why I do receommend the e-tesettur site for the pardesu and right now Miss Yagmur stuff is on sale for rather outrageously cheap. *hint hint*. Stay away from east essence, their stuff is kr@p with a capital K and its a waste of money. The Turkish stuff is always-always good quality, esp if its the brands…which they all carry, so whats better, paying little for kr@p which will fall apart or look messed up after a month or spending like 70-$80 or even $100 on something thats actually quality and made to last. They are on facebook too, you can i quire with them in english there. For the silk scarves, though I do recommend hijabplanet as they have a very extensive selection…their pardesu though are overpriced when compared to the same ones on the e-tesettur site.

      • Ohh I’ve looked at the East Essense site before and pondered ordering! Thanks for the tip. Yes, I definitely would prefer spending a little extra to get something of good quality 🙂 It usually works out for the best that way!
        Thanks for all the information you give to all your readers! It is nice to have someone trustworthy to ask about these sorts of things 🙂

  2. Is ‘pardesu’ the Turkish word for that style of button-down jelbab?

    I love the style – it’s very difficult to find things that are appropriate for business-suit environments. I’ve resorted to sewing my own, but it’s time-consuming, and I’m thrilled to learn of another site that sells them! Thanks so much for posting it! 🙂

    • wa salaam, yes, basically pardesu is what Turks call those long, jilbab-style overcoat overgarments…they also use mantoo and kap, but a mantoo tends to be shorter and kap short as well.

      Yah, their stuff is good and Turkish stuff is quite good for work. mash’Allah and they ARE Legit! Ive ordered from them and their prices are very good, infact they sell stuff at a discount rate from even whats available in most stores in Turkey…since they buy at volume. Hence they are esp popular with Turks…which makes sense…LOL

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