Colored modern chadors…

Now, I’m sure they arent really “mainstream” but Ive been seeing around online and even on Iranian TV shows that some women are now sporting muted, colored modern chadors. They are being favored for wearing around the house when guests come over and other than maybe a dark blue or dark brown, I highly doubt you’d see any light blue chador-e melli’s out and about, in the bazaar…but hey, who knows! I’ll let you know when we go next!

(Brown chador-e shalee)


(Various colored modern chadors...great for when the mehmoonha come over!)


(swishy...groegous drapes!)


p.s. because I know a well-meaning individual will ask…let me just say…no, i do not know who made these designs and no, I dont know how you can buy them…LOL…they are merely to show a new style in Iran right now.


3 thoughts on “Colored modern chadors…

  1. Masha’Allah, I’m so glad chador styles are branching out! If I could find chador-e-mellis in colors other than black (especially browns, greens, blues, and purples), I might actually consider wearing them full time!

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