Call me “Madame Pincushion” or “Madame Ballhead” !!

You kno, I dunno why *strokes chin* but the American phrase “Keep it simple stupid” comes me to mind while watching these to videos! I pity the child or fool that is within 5 feet of this lady…what 10-15-20 pins?  eeks!

Seriously…simple is best. Now *maybe* for some BIG wedding party, thats one thing…but I seriously hope sisters don’t turn them self into “Madame Pincushion” on a daily basis!

…and what the heck is the giganto ball she attaches over her bonytail? Looks like someone stuffed a nylon sock with something and is pinning it to the ladies head… “Madame Ballhead”…hello migrane headache and sore neck!  And its a dude doing her hejab! LMAO. This is ridiculous!


9 thoughts on “Call me “Madame Pincushion” or “Madame Ballhead” !!

  1. I have to agree with you on this. I only use one straight pin and a small brooch to secure my ‘tudung’ on my head. It’s easy to style, easy to take off when I need to do my wudu’ and easy to put it on again.

  2. The second one is really funny. Yes, that huge pantyhose/sock thing full of whatever would surely cause headaches. I am all for a scarf that is placed securely, but things like a presewn khimar do it much better and with much less hassle!

  3. Well, you know how much I hate pins! I won’t even wear one. I got a headache just watching the second one being put together. Cute shaylas, though. I assume these are professional models being put in fancy dress – not ordinary fashion.

  4. wow thats a ton of pins…and i dont no the used flower hair clips 4..that bun look…lol its a lil 2 much 4 me

  5. Reminds me of that crazy South African ‘hijab styling’ book that used to be out, at most I wear three pins, one at the chin, one at the back of the head and a brooch at the front-and that is a ‘fancy’ style for me. On a day to day basis I just do a wrap and tuck requiring zero pins. If a hijab style needs more work than a bridal HAIRstyle then you know something is seriously wrong with that look. Also most of these styles wouldn’t cover properly anyway. I once saw a feature on a ‘trendy’ Islamic lifestyle Arabic channel on ‘hijab’ styles, and even the model was wearing like a one piece al-ameerah under all the styling that was being done, often involving 5 scarves and like 20 pins for each style, because the styles simply didn’t cover properly but the presenter said in real life you wouldn’t wear the ameerah under. I really just don’t see the point?

  6. Can we start some 12 step programs for them?? I can hear the introductions now.
    “Hello, my name is Fatimah and I”m addicted to being used as a human pincushion.”

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