Super fail and Hejab Az-Zahra

I saw this picture on Flickr and couldnt help but share it…wow…super duper fail!

Do you see? There is a woman on the right side of the photo, in Tehran with bicycle shorts on walking around! LOL, super fail!   I reckon she must have walked down either a pretty private street or a very upscale neighboorhood…hmmm. wow! I though i had seen it all the last time we were there (the scarves and manteau get tinier and tinier and tinier each time I go to the point that its almost impossible to find manteau that even come to the knees and scarves that cover properly!)

and this one…found it also on Flickr…its titled “Hejab Az-Zahra”. Regardless of whether your Sunni or Shia, its still very on target…basically it means the covering of the shining one, Az-Zahra is the nickname for the Prophet SAWS daughter, Fatimah (ra’a) and you’ll often see pictures, or comments or books even discussing the hejab az-zahra or the type of covering styles that are akin to what the women of the prophets household and sahabah wore with that of the Prophets daughter Fatimah (ra’a) and wives as the most desired to be mimicked… i.e. “proper hejab”.

anyway…here it is…its cute how the little Bahraini girl is mimicking the Gulf styles.


4 thoughts on “Super fail and Hejab Az-Zahra

  1. Assalaam waliekum on the biking shorts-chick-fail, you sometimes wonder what is going through that woman’s three-pound brain while she’s dressing herself.
    Woman: Let’s see….ohhh…these tights will go great with my massive camel-hump hijab.
    Shaytan: Yeah, don’t forget your shades.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw that in Jeddah next time I go, there were ladies wearing stuff like that but under an open slim fitting shoulder abaya (still you could clearly see it as they made sure they walked/strutted around in such a way to show their shorts/mini skirt under) but this was a few years ago now and people are getting more blatant in the type of stuff they are wearing

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