Popular Turkish “shal” style.

…yup, this style IS ALL over like every.single.phreakin.Turkish.website… yes, Turkish hejabis have a new scarf style!

yes…this style… shaylahs are where its at! draped casually on the head with a peaked front.

The prim, perfect silk square with the perfect front is really no where to be seen!

Honestly, after seeing a prim, perfectly oval, big headed, silk square Turkish style for soooo many years it honestly shocked my system to see this new style. It looks so, I dunno…rebellious, youthful, kinda fresh…uh…very un-prim and perfect and slightly akin to the casual shal style favored in Iran for the past decade. (strokes chin..hmmm)

It wasn’t until sister Edibe made a video showing this style that I decided to see whether it indeed was a popular style.  I perused facebook and the popular fashion magazine Ala Dergi and realized that yes, its indeed a very popular style right now (as evidenced by the fact that 95% of every picture with a Turkish woman with a scarf on her head as wearing this style!  I felt so out of date!)

Anyway in a nutshell…what they do is this…you need a slightly stiffer, thicker shaylah to achieve this style with. Those lightweight cotton or rayon pashminas arent stiff enough and just get floppy! a thicker weight crepe shaylah or a silk or silk blend or something similar would work. You need an underscarf and then just fold over a bit, one edge of the shaylah, pop on the head, over an underscarf, pin under the chin, top of the head and sides, ensuring you have the signature peak and then do whatever with the ends.

I tried this a few times with a few of the stiffer importer from Turkey shaylahs I bought in Iran last trip and it worked okay-ish. While I agree the style ill slim a wide, cheeky face. I felt very uncomfortable in the style because its extremely different from what I normally wear. I felt like my side vision was kind of cut off. Plus I cover my chin and I had to keep readjusting the ends to ensure everything remained covered. Now, since some of mine are quite long and wide I was able to obtain chest coverage and found it to be a decently covering style if everything is covered, but the shorter scarves dont cover as well. So, if you like this style, but wanna keep it covering properly…you need to use a longer scarf!

I will try, sometime next week to take a picture of the style I achieved based off of this.

Overall its a rather neat style…definitely a complete 90degree turn from what one usually sees out of Turkey. I’m not a huge fan of the ends draped over the shoulders thing which some do for several reasons…first, its impractical… it would be too easy for an edge to be caught in something or for the scarf to be whipped around in a wind gust. What about kids? forget it… some pictures show the ends brought around the knotted at the shoulder or pinned down. That would work better I think.

Here is sister Edibes video if your intrigued…

and…HijabPlanet has a nice selection of the authentic silk and silk blend shaylahs being worn in this style!


7 thoughts on “Popular Turkish “shal” style.

  1. nawww thanks for sharing the vid sis 🙂 but I told ya didn’t I! If you were in Turkey in person, u would feel out of place LOL at first I hated this style, it took a bit of getting used to, but now I really like it.. see what exposure does to a person? changes what you think of things 🙂

    • actually i like it too in a way, its just sooo…different…lol…but i sorta concocted a chin and chest covering version which i find quite comfy and suitable…lemme know what u think!

  2. I like this style! I love how Turkish square hijabs look, but can’t figure out how to wear them and still cover my chest. I think it’ll be easier to do this style and still have chest coverage inshallah. 🙂

  3. Wow, this is a trip down memory lane for me. Back in the day when I was lazy, I would rock the peaked scarf look (it happened naturally because I wore georgette (sp?) scarves and it would just form a peak at the top. My sister h-a-t-e-d it and would yell out “Fix your peak”

    To each his own!

  4. I love the şal style. I wear it just like the models. The reason I love it is because it takes about 30 seconds to do and it looks so elegant,

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