Garment Review: Miss Yagmur Pardesü

A few days ago I showed my husband a picture of this Turkish overgarment (aka…pardesu, henceforth called manteau in this post!)… and asked him what he thought about it. He said it looked like a WW2 military uniform!

When I got it in the mail I was quite surprised at just how nice it was! Honestly, much nicer than most of the Turkish manteau I’ve seen being sold in the US and definitely a lot nicer than the ones sold in Iran right now. Obviously, my husband changed his mind and actually found it to be quite decent looking and not like some crazy soldiers uniform! LOL


This manteau is from the Turkish company MISS YAĞMUR. Its called a “kap” which is what they call the knee to calf-length overgarments. The full-length, ankle ones are called “pardesu”. I chose the “kap” mateau style because…I have enough ankle length manteau and wanted something that was longer than knee length but not to the floor. I personally dont feel comfortable in anything shorter than calf-length anyway, and although I prefer ankle length garments at times I’ll pair a calf-length garment with a skirt or very wide-legged lengha style jeans or something like that.

This manteau is from their 2011/2012- Fall/Winter line.

My thoughts:

Ive worn it about a handful of times sofar and really do like it. One thing that I love about the Turkish garments is their quality! They are always made to be very durable, long lasting and nice looking! They aren’t shabby or cheap looking and come in unique designs…and this manteau is no different.

This particular one is navy and is a heavier-weight cotton blend material. I believe it was treated with a water repellent as it has a slight gloss and a heavier hand than most cotton manteau Ive seen. It came fully lined but…I ended up taking out 3/4th of the lining and just leaving the sleeve lining and upper quarter of lining. It worked out well as the inside is fully serged! Indeed, I find it much more comfortable to wear.

This manteau has thin shoulder pads which lightly cup the shoulder adding definition but not height (no football look!) and there are 2 internal buttons to keep the front panels nicely overlapped. The cut is very A-line and has a unique, “fresh” style that you don’t usually see in manteau sold state-side. It looks equally good with a skirt or wide legged jeans/pants while keeping everything modestly covered

Now, a few drawbacks…these specific problems are pretty common with ALL Turkish made garments regardless of brand or style. Namely…sizing!

The sizes on most off-the rack Turkish manteau are indeed quite small. If your a plus-sized sister its difficult to find them in in larger sizes! Alhamdullah Armine and Zuhre do make plus-sized manteau and Miss Yagmur has some larger sizes as well…still…the selection is quite limited!

The Turkish manteau are also cut to be quite slender around the waist and snugger fitting in the chest. Some American sisters I know also mention a dislike for the narrower shoulder cut on Turkish garments. Personally I dont have this problem…but I reckon the average American women has wider shoulders than the average Turkish woman. ofcourse it boils down to ones body-shape. The only way to avoid this is to size up. I generally do this so I get a slightly looser fit myself.


Other than the potential sizing issues that some Americans sisters may have. I highly, highly recommend this manteau on so many levels…fit, quality, design…you name it. I am also really liking the styles coming out of MissYagmur and am eagerly awaiting their new spring/summer line!

To Purchase:

MISS YAĞMUR garments can be purchased from E-Testtur (yes, they know English!)


11 thoughts on “Garment Review: Miss Yagmur Pardesü

  1. oh and about the buttons on turkish pardesus ending very high up, u r right! that bothers me too… although I am not a regular wearer of pardesus, when I used to, I would pin it all the way down and sometimes get tears grrrr

    • yup! I plan to add in 2 buttons on the inside next weekend between my 8 week semesters! That pinning thing is annoying!

  2. Mine just arrived today so it’s cool to see this! I bought one from Miss Yagmur too 😀 I really like it – the only thing would be the buttons lol, completely agree with you there. Mine was also longer than I expected – the picture looked knee length but it’s calf length on me. It could be because I’m short but that was a bit different, although I do prefer it longer so it’s an added bonus. Definitely agree about the material as well, gorgeous!

  3. Hello there,

    My name is Belgin from Turkey. MissYagmur is my sister’s husbands’ company. I was searching for MissaYagmur and saw your post about it. I will send this page to him. He would be appreciated by your comments. I am glad you liked it.
    This is my blog:
    I know, it is Turkish, sorry about that. I will try to write in English as well if i have time to do that 🙂
    Take care,

    • Salaam sister, yes that’s fine but do know greeting another Muslim with “hello there” is inappropriate, it’s a sunnah to use salaam or salaamu alaikum or the full greetings, in future if you post here pls observe that sunnah, jazakh’Allah sister

  4. Asalaamu Alaikum,

    I am so pleased to have found your blog Alhamdulilah. I am a big fan of the Turkish style, and have been wanting to purchase their jilbabs or -‘perdesu’ for a while, however I just didnt know where to buy them from. Based on your recommendation, I visited the site and liked their styles, but I have a few questions for you regarding ordering from there. If you could take the time to answer me I would greatly appreciate it sister, since I have just decided to stop wearing pants and would like to start wearing jilbab, and if I could wear these Turkish styles I would feel alot more comfortable with my transition inshallah : )

    I live in United States and am about a size 8-10. I google translate their webpage to english in order to understand the ordering process, but I am still a little confused. It said something about adding an additional 5% to my paypal order and it was not very clear as how long the shipping would take etc.

    I contacted them through their webpage, but have not heard back from them, which makes me anxious about ordering from them, especially since they are international and I dont know how safe they are.

    Anyway, I feel like I am typing way too much, but I would sincerely appreciate any guidance on this matter, as to exactly how to order, the process, shipment, payment, and size I should request. Their website was not very clear and I really dont wanna mess up since I want to order alot inshallah.

    I am looking forward to your response either through a reply to this comment or to my personal email

    Jazakallahukhair, may Allah reward you for motivating me to become a more modest and better Muslimah : )

    Take care,


    • salaamu alaikum, well sister ive ordered from them tice without any probnlems as has 2-3 other sisters I know who also comment on this blog. Just wait a few days, they always respond.

      Also you need to inquire with them directly about sizing as Turkish sizing is not the same as US sizing. Definitely work with the Google translate and then what you do is once you place the order, you actually have to send them the payment. The amount shown when you order, since there is no automatic payment system for US card holders. The email for owner is given, thats who you send the payment too. You choose either regular Turkish post-like priority mail or the uber expedited speedy mail which takes like 3-4 days to arrive but is wayyy more! Make sure you email them once you pay and to clarify your shipping address-I recommend doing this. For the paypal, yes the extra % is because paypal takes out a fee for processing payments. They are upfront about it, some sites just work it into the total.

      Does this help? Ive never had problems and while its confusing at first, they are very helpful.

    • Also sis, you can continue to wear pants…LOL…I wear pants every day, i’d jump off a bridge if I had to wear a skirt!! Just under a jilbab pr pardesu or something…Only a small minority of scholars say womens pants on women are haraam, most don’t. Just an fyi…

  5. wear it in good days as we Turkish people say 🙂 I dislike the sizing problem too. I don’t even go in many stores because i know they don’t cater to anyone sized above 12-14 (42-44) and if they cater plus size it is mostly ugly or not for young people (read: lots of abtract sequin designs) and they are much more expensive. I am not a hijabi yet and this problem bogs my mind. I don’t like pardesu style hijab alreadyand it seems like they are getting fancier and narrower accentuate all the wrong parts etc.

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