A Day in jelbab (2 French women)

Mash’Allah! I found this pictorial day in the life of 2 French women who wear the jelbab, the head to toe, either 1 piece or two-piece overhead jelbab.

I love these pictures…they show the beauty of this style of garment!  One sister wears the 2 piece jelbab and the other wears a one-piece and wears it up as a niqab.  Interestingly…I have that SAME jade green koshibo crepe overhead jelbab. They come out just a few times a year and the places that sell them in France sell out extremely fast!  LOL

The first Muslimah…

The second Muslimah…

Mash’Allah sisters!

Is it any wonder I LOVE my overhead jelbabs?  Not only are they incredibly modest and covering but they are comfortable, practical and beautiful. Mash’Allah. This pictorial leaves me smiling! I think I will wear my jade green jelbab tomorrow!


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  1. mashallah i love that green! it is exatly the shade of green i’m looking for. love the sleeves too ❤ i wear mostly these kind of jilbabs but i have only purple and brown at the moment, they are with crunched sleeves and very practical. they are so confortable and modest. one time i wore basic abaya after many weeks of wearing jilbab but i felt really "open" and insecure, meaning that i felt that i had to correct and check my hijab all the time. so i think i will stick to my jilbabs from now on 🙂 love that green mashallah 🙂

  2. Mashallah I really love the jade. It’s not my typical black but still modest enough for me to feel okay with. I think I will get another one of the jilbabs soon inshallah. I loved the 2 piece blue one I got.

    • yah I love the jade too, but that color is UBER limited edition, its released maybe like 1 or 2 times a year and ONLY in the regular koshibo crepe so if you catch it while its out, snatch it up, cuz they go FAST! I managed to get a 2 piece one in the Jade from Bismillah Boutique the SAME day they announced the availability of the koshibo ones and you better believe, within 5 days their stock of the jade color i all 3 sizes was OUT! Yah they go fast! Its a beautiful color! I’m glad u like the 2 piece one! I def. prefer 2 pieces…def. more comfy! mash’Allah

  3. I have tired in the mirror only to wear this up like a niqab, but it seems you do have to pin it or tuck it under the ties. I just am too scared it will not stay tucked.

    • hmm, i dunno, i’ll try with the ones I have. I think there is a certain way u need to put it on and tie it to ensure its tight enough. I kno when I put mine on, it’ll cover my face if I dont loosen the ties behind my head so i can bring it down to my chin. But, lemme try and see if I can figure it our definitively…ok

    • salaamu alaikum, I believe probably b/c of the fabric, its regular koshibo and is more for fall/winter/spring, the lightweight koshibo doesnt have the same color options. So its JUST that 1 fabric and that 1 color. LOL…Thats just how that company does it, they release certain fabrics/colors certain times of the year, which makes sense…

  4. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Okay this doesn’t go here but the entry I wanted to reply to doesn’t seem to be here anymore. Is it too late to be included on the pre-order? I REALLY want one of the wedding jelbabs inshallah. Please let me know inshallah. I must say I’m so glad you’re offering sisters on this side of the world such a refreshingly different style of modest dress. Please do let me know when you get more of the 2 piece jelbabs in. I want some different colors for the spring/summer inshallah.

    • I dunno, I guess just you cant actually see who she is. I dunno though, its a French pictorial thingie…who knows. Maybe to show people that shes a normal person under there. I dunno. I did think that was odd too…i dunno.

  5. I wonder maybe it was a ‘hijab for a day’ kinda thing and that’s why the second one is showing her hair? Which I thought was strange if she’s a Muslim and wears hijab all the time. Or maybe she is Muslim and is ‘trying it out’? Who knows…

    • Nice thought but what I read is no, she really wears jelbab and niqab daily and shes Muslim…the niqabi is of Algerian French background I believe, based on what I read. I think noone thought i as a big deal since its from the back and you cant see who she is anyway. I wouldnt really worry too much either way. I just liked the pictures because they showed the 2 jelbab designs “out and about” in society. iykwim.

  6. Allaahu Alim but a lot of Algerians traditionally wear the niqab for cultural as opposed to religious reasons; while the jelbab looks more ‘religious’ than the traditional white haik and handerchief half niqab they used to wear it is probably being worn because it is more convenient. The Algerian sisters I know here who truly wear niqab/overheads for religious reasons would never allow a picture of them with their hair out to be published or even taken, whether it would be anonymous or not.

  7. I really never gave much thought about the jilbabs but after seeing these pictures I LOVE them. Wow so beautiful/

  8. So I tried to wear the jilbab out with the front up like a niqab. I could only figure out how to do it by tying the ties outside and tucking the chin edges up in to it. Which I really like that look, since you normally would have the ties from the niqab anyway. Well, It stays if u leave it tied real tight, but you cannot pull it down for any reason bc then it will not stay tucked. So I ended up constantly fixng it :/

    • asalaamu alaikum, sister, if I’ll be up around the masjid sometime in the next few weeks for jummah, I’ll let you know and I can maybe show you a few tricks. If may be harder if your face is very narrow or thin, you may need to stitch up the sides a little for a snugger fit. OK. I’ll let you know…i’m pretty goin’ crazy right now with school!

      • Maashaa Allah sister. I didn’t know you knew it was me! I was trying to be discreet due to this being the internet and all didn’t want to expose I knew you. lol Yeah, I know you are real busy and I don’t go to the masjid at the moment. Hands full! Just get in touch when u can.

  9. I love the photos (where did you find these? is there astory behind it?) and their jilbabs, i love the one piece jade green one. where can i find this style online (and it has to be cheap)?

    • Sister, Ive posted about the jelbab style in many posts, just go through them and you will see what shops sell them. Also I take personal issue with someone saying “it HAS to be cheap” because frankly…always insisting on “cheap” stuff for the sake of it being cheap means you will always get inferior and poor quality products! If you actually want to buy items and have them last and be wearable for years on end, then sometimes its best to NOT settle for cheap stuff but buy quality items which maybe are a bit more, but will outlive a “cheap” item. This calls to my mind the difference between East Essence and Shukr. Sure East Essence is CHEAP but much of their stuff is trash and will not last more than a few months due to the fabric detereioritating, the garment shrinking or wearing out far to quickly! Yes I have personal experience with this myself and will never order from them again! verses someplace like Shukr…sure one jilbab there is the price of 2 east essence jilbabs but guess what…they dont shrink nor do they wear out quickly! They actually last. Hence why quality costs more. I’m not picking on you, but I always see red when someone insists on buying something cheap for the sake of cheapness. There is no righteousness in being excessively cheap…I can see if your low income…then yes, for the sake of having something to cover your awrah, you need to buy less expensive attire because you have to have enough money for food and rent…but if your not low income and can afford better quality then where is the decency in being cheap to the extreme? I see this mentality in farrr tooo many Muslims…esp Muslims from certain backgrounds and I just find it offensive. I personally try to be frugal…and yes there is a huge difference between frugality and cheapness…frugality is being careful with ones finances by not going overboard with spending when not necessary, I love Goodwill and thrift shops…but when it comes to my overgarments I will NOT for the sake of frugality buy cheaply made attire because there goes my $40 down the drain.

      Think about it ukhtee…

      • Aww… I feel embrassed by your assuming. I am on a EXTREMELY low income I have to think twice even when buying 10 tl (5.5 usd) head scarves. I live in Turkey and being a carsaf lover myself i looked up the prices and they run around 90-130 TL (49-72 usd) and that’s huge for my budget. As a non-hijabi right now I rather to put on some “cheap” stuff rather than postpone going into hijab for the money issues. Honestly I always considered myself somewhat modest but I realized I don’t have anything that would work to “transition” into hijab. Hence my rush and emphasize over cheap prices. Since I post that comment I pour over your blog (and love it) and noticed the store links and discovered the french ones. They have good prices as well as good items. I will look into them and I hope I will be able to purchase something within my budget either online or in local stores.

      • sister, I just mentioned that because I often get comments from sisters who say they ONLY want cheap stuff…and its solely because they are cheap…not for financial reasons, but because they are stingy. Its just irksome, if your low income then I can understand where your coming from. Turkey isnt a cheap place…maybe you can try to get something specially made by a tailor or something? I dunno how it wworks there though, maybe ask sisters Edibe over on her blog about inexpensive pardesu shops or something, maybe she can steer you to cheaper places. Best of luck sis with your searches.

  10. On the question of how to wear this up as a niqab – I have a similarly designed overhead abayah, and my face is narrow and long. So I sewed tiny snaps to the headband and to the lower part, one on each side. You cannot see them against the fabric, and if I am wearing it over my face and want to pull it down and then put it back up, it’s easy and I can do it without a mirror.

    • Maashaa Allah sis! hanks for the info! I had thought of doing this but thought ti may get in the way of the “look” when not covering the face. I was thinking to use those buttons like on the abayat from saudi…

    • Assalaamu alaikum Salwa,

      I believe earlier in the comments section UmmIbrahim said that the jade is often a very limited color and doesn’t come out for sale very often. Try checking back towards the fall when it’s a bit warmer because she did comment that the fabric is more suited for cooler weather inshallah. Try the links for Bismillah Boutique and Al Moultazimoun that are at the top right of the blog under “Favorite Stores”. Inshallah this helps!

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