Two awesome posts about overhead jelbabs!

By know i’m sure you all know about my slight, ongoing obsession with the French/Algerian style overhead jelbab!  As Ive raved on before…they are like the best of both worlds…they cover like a Gulf overhead yet are comfortable and wearable in all situations like a shoulder abaya and ofcourse are kind of unique, have a style all their own, can be layered if you choose and are available in colors! What more is there to adore? LOL

Anywhozit…I’m slowly seeing a few other English language blog postrs about them…okay, just a handful sofar but I pray these catch on and become popular because…well…they rock!

Heres some nice reads…

The sister who runs Sun Shine Skies recently purchased a two-piece jelbab from me and she posted a pic of her in it, while out and about. Her post is here.

And another sister who has a one-piece in plum koshibo that she purchased in Helsinki. I like her post because well, she shows some nice ways to coordinate small pieces with the jelbab! Personally I have a simple is best policy but am on target with her style! I like little accents here and there too! Her post is here.


4 thoughts on “Two awesome posts about overhead jelbabs!

    • Jazakh’Allah’Khair sister! yeah they do rock. Sis if ur in the usa or canada…as an FYI I sell them on my store.if your in Europe there are shops online in France that sell them that I have listed.

  1. Assalaamu aleykum sister!
    Mashallah i’m so happy and suprised that you link (and first of all found) my blog 😀 I have been reading yours for a while now and absolutely love the jilbabs that you show 🙂 like the post above this one, the two-piece jilbabs look really beautiful 🙂 I’m planning on ordering from one french webstore them but need to translate that page first 😀 i love the colours!

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