Hejab is not just a headscarf and not just for women!

bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem…

After seeing this posted on a facebook I became sad and angry all at the same time!  You all know I’m rather tired with the incessent lack of proper hejab from my sisters. I’m tired of the whole “hijabi-fashionist” nonsense which is a joke and am tired of seeing sisters walking around town in hootchie-mama gear, lookin’ like 2dollar you know whats with a scarf on there head!

But, I’m just as tired of the lack of hejab as the whole package from both Muslim men and women in general. This whole thing of the hejab is just a headscarf or the headscarf is a sign of respectability (forgetting about everything from the neck down!) or that Muslim men dont have their on form of hejab they need to be practice or that Muslim men have a right to chide Muslim women for not wearing modest attire yet they neglect the rest of the package and their on modesty in turn!

Anyway…I found this blog post about the hejab in Malaysia. While I do agree with maybe 90-95% of what this brother writes, about 5-10% I do not and yes I left a reply. So first read the blog post and then read my reply and you’ll probably agree with me. Its never OK to tell a sister she should cover her face because shes gorgeous and men can’t help but look! Its not just on her to be modest but also upon the man too! I’m sorry but the excuse of…well, men can’t help but look, therefore, she should cover MORE is inexcusable…thats like blaming a woman who was harrassed while she as walking home from work and we all know that no matter how many layers of cloth a woman puts on, some men will still have NO hayah and STILL look! Just read my old posts from my life in Saudi and you’ll agree with me. I found the more layers I wore, the more stalked and harrassed I was! My husband and I saw many elderly Saudi omen stalked and harrassed as well! So just because one has niqab on, doesnt mean they are gorgeous or men will not look or that they will be protected.

anyway, enough of my blatherings…



My comment

“asalaamu alaikum wr wb.  While I do agree with 95% of what you say brother. I am in the US and am irked to see both Muslim men AND women trash the hejab, making a joke from it.  I wanted to point out 2 things which you neglected.

1) the hejab is NOT just about a headscarf. Its about proper, modest attire, behavior and piety for both Muslim men and women!  This includes covering the curves for both genders and modest behavior-i.e. not looking at the opposite gender. You should have touched on that as it came off to me, that you were solely mentioning hejab in the sense of a head scarf and modest dress and neglecting to entire sense of hejab and the male as well as female versions.

2) while I agree those “hejabi” celebrities are indeed not taking the hejab properly…
I do not think it was advisable to suggest a sister cover her face because she is so pretty. Firstly, from the scholarly viewpoint, most Muslim scholars from all the madhabs do not say the niqab is fard, its a good act but not required. Pretty looks or ugly looks have no bearing. Its about modesty, and thats it. Two, telling a sister to cover he face because she is pretty is also degrading the niqab!  Thats like telling a sister who you deem ugly to take off her niqab because…well, noone will look at you anyway!  Brother, thats not a good view. Infact its upon Muslim MEN to have modesty and hayah and to lower THERE gaze and NOT look at the muhajabaat or munaqabaat in the first place!  Its a sin upon the man to do this and a sin upon the woman to do things to attract their looks. Now if a sister is very beautiful, as long as she is not going around trying to get attention then there is no sin upon her if she doesnt wear niqab. and vise-versa…also putting on the niqab is no guarantee that beautiful sister will not be even MORE beautiful. Ive lived in Saudi and I can tell you, many men prefer women IN Niqab because they look mysterious, also many women in niqab use it to there advantage to look even prettier.

hence, it boils down to ones intentions…and its on BOTH genders to ensure they follow their requirements for hejab as the hejab is just not obligatory upon women and is not just a scarf and modest attire. but the whole package, ditto for men. “


6 thoughts on “Hejab is not just a headscarf and not just for women!

  1. Salam aleykum,

    I agree, the bigger and more black my clothes are, the more attention i get
    from muslim man.
    When i wear more normal clothes, but still modest, i don`t get that attention at all.

  2. Salam
    I am moroccan and here in morocco, a muslim majority country, in the cities, you hardly see women and girls wearing hijab properly. I just boil when i see these “hijabis” with skinny jeans, make up, short skirts and leggings, etc etc and a little scarf on the head. Even the jellabas (our traditional hooded jilbabs) are nowadays being made in a tight-fitting way that reveals the hips and stuff. It really is annoying. I’ve come to hate going out just because i know i will see so much ignorance and non-sense again. Sometimes you see women in long khimars, i hope someday it’ll become more popular than the “fashion hijab” inshallah.

    • Wa aleikom salam sister,
      I’m an italian muslima and I agreed with you 100%. Let’s help other sister to reed Qur’aan, Sunnah and scolars well. Here in Italy is more difficult to wear khimars, modest and correct clothes. I love long khimars and saudi-style (but without make-up).
      Fi amani’lah wa salam

  3. Just wanted to say I totally agree with you mashAllah, honestly I havent really thought too much about men and their requirements for modesty, but now that i think of it, it really is lacking in the world around us. Very interesting to think about how its always all about the woman. Jak.

  4. LOOOOL this is sooo rich to hear a brother talk about hijab. Where is his hijab? He is staring at these womens photos, saved them to his computer and looks at them… Uh where is his hijab? why is he looking at these women and passing judgment on thier beauty??
    Authobillahi…. i think he is being a real hypocrite. if i responded i would mention the QURAN verse on beliveing MEN and women to lower their gaze and not look at whats impermissble. He is looking at women who are not his mahrams, on purpose, and looking at thier awrah, the photo of the woman with shorts on.

    While i understand the issue needs to be raised, i disagree with further spreading these photos. That poor woman wearing the shorts made a mistake, who knows how she feels now? perhaps she wears niqab or jilbab now and that photo is beign spread by people… not just people by her own Muslim brothers and sisters? The least we can do is to cover each others faults and not show her picture even more!!

    And just one comment about the famous hijabi… her face is WHITE what on earth they put flour on their face or something???

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