Hate the skin your in…naturally!

Sometimes when I really SHOULD be studying (ahem! ahem!) I like to look at some of the many, many, maaannnyyy  Turkish clothing blogs that are out there online!

Apparently in many parts of the world subscribing to a beauty service where each month you get a box of makeup goodies at your front step is a popular thing. Sister Edibe in Australia has chronicled her own experiences with these services…glossy box? Goodie Box? something like that…anyway, here stateside, I can honestly say Ive never heard of such programs. Maybe they exist and perhaps I live under a rock! I really don’t know.

But I digress, one sister posted about her “haul” and this caught my eye and slightly turned my stomach and then visions of the multitides of skin-whitener creams which crowded Saudi and Iranian grocery store and pharmacy shelves came flooding back…

All I can say is…ewwwwwww on so many levels! Oh, wait…its made in France from Swiss Placenta…all is well with the world!!!

Honestly, now that Ive seen placenta up close and personal, thanks to my rotations on the Labor & Delivery floor for clinical…I don’t think I could bring myself to even use such a thing…as if the whole…whiten your skin, self-hatred thing isn’t bad enough. I’m not just talking out of my ears about this, I am tired of anytime I am in Iran having random women on the street  asking me what skin whitener I use to which I say…uh, its called genetics khanoom! Love what God gave ya, dont hate on yourself!


4 thoughts on “Hate the skin your in…naturally!

  1. Wow, don’t even get me started. As a woman of color (Black American) this really turns my stomach. It’s very sad how many cultures have a hatred of darker skin. I remember when I was studying abroad in Senegal back in college how so many women used this skin bleaching cream that literally ate away at their skin yet they were still considered “more beautiful”. Seriously??? Wow! Sister you just opened a can of worms here, lol. This upsets and saddens me that people can’t accept the beauty in the variety that Allah subhana wa ta’ala made throughout His creation. We of all people should know better than to judge someone’s self worth on the color of their skin!!

    • Well ukhtee…bring it on! I get ticked off by it too for the same reasons as you do! Both for its implicit and explicit reasons! Its straight up self-hatred and anytime I’m in Iran or when I was in Saudi…like everywhere you go is skin whiteners up the wazoo-in your face, from shelves stocked full of skin bleaches to darker skinned women SLATHERING on concealer made for a someone with Nordic coloring which makes them look like a joke! Even armpit whiteners and heel whiteners…now tell me, ho jacked up do you have to be to try to bleach your armpits! Its sad and whats funny is people think its solely Africans or Indians who are OBSESSED ith bleaching out there beautiful skin! Its also Turks…Koreans…Japanese…Chinese, Saudi’s and probably Latin Americans (wouldnt surprise me!)… Its just to offensive. like I said…I always tell sisters…love the skin God gave you! Dont self-hate!!!

  2. On the flipside think of how many pale women poison their skin in tanning beds or too much sunlight to toast themselves to a darker color (or with growing popularity in the age of skin cancer, creams to imitate a similar effect) :P. Crazy… No matter what we look like, there’s always some part that “should” be darker, lighter, bigger, smaller, softer, harder, curvier, straighter, less shiny, more shiny, etc 😛

    • FYI sis…I finally saw your blog! hehehehe… yup…I know…I disagree with alll that nonsense anyway!

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