NoRuz is almost here!

March 20th brings Spring and in many cultures that special time is celebrated, after all..its the day when hopefully the bleakness and cold of winter goes, bringing green, warmth and the sun back for everyone to enjoy (Unless you live someplace like Malaysia where its warm and sunny 365days a year!)

In countries which have a large Persian population or a Persian cultural influence like Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asian countries, Iraq and Turkey (Kurdish communities), there is a special holiday called No Ruz which literally means New Day and is the beginning of a new year! I wont get too much into it, if your curious about the holiday and its traditions, you can easily find out by looking online.

Anyway, each year people become very busy with preparing for the holiday and in Tehran a special exhibit is done showcasing the different tribes and ethnic groups in Iran, their dress, their food and their dances and how they celebrate NoRuz.


(Women in Tehran shopping for items for the traditional "haft seen" table)

(Women in Tehran shopping for items for the traditional "haft seen" table)



I don’t know all the different groups showcased…but if I recognize any by there dress, I’ll mention it!



Loor tribespeople…



Qashqai tribal women


I think these women are Gilaki or from around the Caspian sea.

I don’t know…maybe from Central Iran or Khorasan…?




Noruz…miz-e haft seen!


4 thoughts on “NoRuz is almost here!

    • Ditto! Anytime I see them INRL-in Iran I am always oogling them none-stop since there attire REALLY stands out…even if they put a dark printed chador over it, in the city you still see the tiered skirts and long shirts peep out…

  1. Salam Umm Ibrahim!
    I love the dress, so colorful. But what are the plants that everyone is holding?

    • Wa salaam…YUp! So do I..the traditional dresses worn around Iran are sooo colorful and beautiful….shame they are reserved for dressing up or cultural exhibits now aday. Sis, thats “sabzi” they are spouted beans…its a symbol of spring and new year and is put on the New years table. The Table has to have 7 items which begin with the letter “seen” and symbolize spring…like sabzi (spouts), serkeh (vinegar), sir (garlic) and other things. Its very traditional and cultural… but even though its not rooted in religion its a beautiful way to celebrate the coming of spring and has many traditions that surround it!

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