Summer fancies…

Here are a few garments which caught my eye as being fantastic for the upcoming hot, balmy days ahead! Sisters!

You can definitely wear overgarments in summer and be comfortable! The key is choosing airy fabrics and designs which flow with the breeze!

From NYC-based Al-Mujalbaba… they have comfortable, airy peachskin and koshibo abayaat in a HUGE range of colors and designs! Yes, peachskin can be cool and light and it is definitely opaque so these garments can literally be thrown over a slip and light pants and you’re out the door in seconds!

(Abaya-Al Mujalbaba)

I keep drooling over their “urban wear” abayaat…especially this one…its cotton and perfect for the sister who rides the bus or subway due to its ample pockets, leaner cut (closed front!), airy, wearable fabric and city style.


From Canada based Sunnah Style I am lovin’ there colored bishts and there updated butterflies. Since I last ordered from them (pre-Saudi) the quality of there garments have apparently gone up and they have added colored designs!  While in the Gulf the butterfly is quite literally sooo 8 years ago, the bisht is quite trendy still (or was when I was there!)…both offer airy, breezy options. You cant beat a bisht on a VERY hot day as they are like your own personal air conditioning unit, while the butterfly is a bit more reigned in for the sisters that like the style but dont like the fabric floating around everywhere.