“Urban” Sarouel style?!?

Yeah, I find it a bit odd of a trend myself…but apparently the young and urbane French Muslimaat are making the old school “sarouel” rather funky. Yea…really…I’m serious! They pair them with chunky sneakers and a demi jelbab.

Like this…

(Burgundy jelbab set, Mimoza hijab)

I admit that to my American eyes…sarouel outside of the house look funny…in most places were women still wear these, they are considered either home wear or village wear…Iran…Turkey…I would assume Algeria…generally women wear them around the house or the village, to facilitate house work or yard work. I have a few pairs a Turkish friend gave me before returning to to her country and she said they would put them over there house skirts for cleaning and thats that!  But anyway, I know the sarouel with the half jelbab is quite popular in France because they are quite comfortable and modest…like a skirt without the skirt hassle (wind! flipping up! hello…need I go on?) but I think they are also popular from an “identity” standpoint.

Anyway, some of the Jelbab producers are starting to cater to that trend… here is one such example…

I have a pair of black crepe sarouel which I ordered ages ago and re-found. I will wear them under a long shoulder jilbab-like the Shukr jilbabs or Sajeda because they dont button all the way down and sometimes I want a change from the usual jilbab over jeans thing…but honestly, you cant tell they aren’t a skirt. Again, one perk is the skirt look sans the skirt hassle and annoyance (see, I’m very anti skirt! could you tell? lol!)

anyway, what do you think of the trend? Btw I tried it myself yesterday when I took the kidlet out for a walk to the park. Its definitely a urban style. I couldn’t fathom rocking it in a suburban neighborhood, but in my area it would probably not go off too strangely.


8 thoughts on ““Urban” Sarouel style?!?

  1. What is really strange is recently I’ve seen Japanese women tourists wearing similar garments, cut a bit narrower, that seem to be just fashion. They do look comfortable and easy to wear.

    • Hmmm…no, they dont drag, not really…its like a skirt that someone sewed up the bottom, leaving 2 holes for the feet with elastic (or not, dept ho makes them) but generally the ones that are the North African style (like the jelbab with sarouel kinds) , the center part is actually shorter than the part your feet go through, so if they are the right length, the center part doesnt even touch the ground. They are actually extremely comfortable because as I said, the perks of pants but look of a skirt sans skirt hassle…BUT the major thing is they do look a bit strange when you walk because its obvious its not a skirt. So over here, on this end of th Atlantic, they may come off a bit strange. Again, in an urban setting, probably noone ould really think twice. But yah, I have mixed feelings about them myself. hehehehe

  2. @ Sunni Side Up…I was wondering the same thing, which is why I didn’t order the sarouel. I’m not really a fan of sneakers with jilbabs in general especially ones with all the different colors. It just looks odd to me anyway. UmmIbrahim the shoes you have on I can’t even tell in the picture are sneakers, they just look like dark colored shoes. At the end of the day, i guess there could be worse trends than that though. At least the sisters are keeping with modest dress even if it isn’t my personal taste.

    • Yup! See thats the thing, I think to myself…alhamdullah this IS a trend because atleast the sisters awrah is covered and they arent sporting a half jelbab with those God aweful, wretched, hootchi-mama booty-tight skinny jeans or leggings! Showing the world their body!

  3. LOVING this look – am a big fan of harem trousers but just wear them around the house because mine are a high-ankle length and not quite as baggy as these. A french website does some similar – muslim boutique or something like that (google letting me down!). I’d wear them with opaque knee highs and birkenstocks/sandals.

  4. I actually like the look when the sarouel is really long and looks like a skirt. Not fond of the chunky sneaker look but that’s just me so the first two aren’t really my thing but I think the rest look cool. I’m really liking the ballet flat sneakers in the 4th pic. Not sure if I’d rock ’em but I like the way they look.

    I was just in the park the other day with my 2 kids (3.5 & 1.5), running around, climbing the playsets etc… I WISH I had a sarouel so my jilbab/abay didn’t hike up when climbing on something. I wish they sold them here and made rockin’ ones like some of the ones I saw at bismillah boutique (which of course would be way too short on me or I would have bought some). Anyway, yeah… I’d wear them. btw. Umm Ibrahim, I think your outfit is sweet and I’m loving the look. Now you have me wanting a pair LOL.

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