Garment Review: Gap “bubble” trench manteau

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem

Asalaamu alaikum wr wb!

Generally I’m skeptical of most “manteau” style overgarments sold for the US market. They generally tend to be way toooo short and cut strangely or poor quality or just plain immodest! This is why the few knee and calf length manteau I do own are all from either Iran or Turkey or specially made for me in Saudi. I generallty-I’d say like 95% of the time wear full-length garments, but do occasionally wear shorter stuff if the mood strikes me. I only wear the shorter designs with the super wide lengha style pants or skirts, so no…i’m not out in skinnes! I don’t even own a pair! God aweful things that they are!

Anyway, My husband and I was enjoying a morning out at the mall with the kidlet visiting his grandma and cousins and we were around Gap when I saw their Spring 30% off everything sale and figured, hey…lets go in. My husband seriously needs some new stuff and hey, who knows what I may find!

I found this and for some reason…actually adored it and upon trying it on, realized it actually looks very nice, modest and is NOT too short (on me it hits below my knee-cuz I’m short!) and does not accentuate the body nor is it cut in a funny way or low quality! I ended up getting it, in a spring-y “putty” color. Its soooooo nice. It is lined, but the lining isnt that cheapo, slick stuff which makes you melt and I examined the insider seams and ALL are fully serged, so I could potentially remove the lining and not have any problems. (idea!)

But anyway, its called the Bubble Trench and it’s a double-breasted Trench style but bubbles out over the hips. Now, on most women who are not a size zero and shaped like a willow tree, anything with the word bubble in it…is bad! It makes you look like a ball of wax or something. Or, bubbles out too much in the back, drawing attention to a certain area which really should be covered! This one actually fits nicely and as I mentioned above, doesnt expose any of the figure in an immodest way!  Pair it with lengha pants or a skirt and a nice wide shaylah and voila! Uber modest Turkish/Irani style great for spring…maybe summer…

Here are some snaps I just took…

**Note, the link above is for the jacket from the Gap website-, Id recommend if you do want to get it, buy it in the store…its a LOT less and with the 30% discount in stores…even less! Also the picture they have up of the trench is not flattering at all! Its way nicer in real life! **


5 thoughts on “Garment Review: Gap “bubble” trench manteau

  1. Mashallah that looks cute especially with the lengha jeans! I may have to take a look and see if I can find one for my daughter. She’s not short though so I’ll have to see how it looks on her, but it’s worth a look.

    • hmmm…yah, that may be a prob if shes not on the shorter side, it may be too long. You kno what thou, have you looked at the e-tesettur site? look at the3 Miss Yagmur brand, there stuff is more youthful kinda andknee length or longer and around $50 or so. Just an idea.

      I agree on the lengha jean thing! If I as taller…no way, but being a shortie, has its advantages. lol

    • Hahhahaa, indeed!!! We get all the good stuff. LOL. I like how clothing manuf. for the western market tend to make stuff for those around 5ft5-5ft6. LOL

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