Some Rabia Z designs which I adore…

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem

asalaamu alaikum wr wb sisters!

I have been seeing some of Rabia Z’s designs around online for the past few months but most did NOT catch my eye, it was ONLY when sister Edibe (dang, I do reference her a lot, don’t I!) did her video review of the Rabia Z cotton jersey Sports Fitted Hijab that I went over to her website.

I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with a large percentage of the items up for offer, but did find myself drooling over a few selected pieces…




Namely because they are like almost full-length abayaat but just a ee tad shorter so maybe…like…what “active length” abayaat?  I love the cute, very drapey and modest and would look fantastic over a pair of slightly baggy jeans and flats or a long skirt and flats.

What I dislike though about some of her designs are they have design elements which draw attention to your figure! In particular…if a sister is NOT the size of a willow twig but has a typical female form…aka…built like a brick house…they just are not modest enough nor will they conceal the form!


Oh dear! If the sister has some junk in the trunk…this will definitely accentuate that!

Not cool!

Ofcourse for the above design you can always nix the odd strap…in which case you’d get this look…

So, I guess in that sense, its not too immodest…because you can just disregard the strap which accentuates the lower end for wearing outside, around non-mahrams…maybe keep it for a sisters fete or something instead!

But, um, thats about it, Those designs…were the ones I actually liked and could see myself wearing…esp. the first style.

The rest of her designs are basically like mid-thigh length tops, again…certain body parts are accentuated (when they shouldnt be! Unless your around family or all women) and/or are too short to wear modestly with anything but a skirt or Lengha style pants.

such as…

ummm…? flasher maybe?

Yes, jut out the hips…um, no…

Can we say…awrah exposure?  I do hope anyone who wears this has a skirt on!

In all fairness, I DO like her designs and I love the swishy, drape-y feel of her designs…but especially as she IS targeting Muslim women who cover (and maybe non Muslim women who dress modestly) I do think she should have MORE apprioriate, mohajabaat-style attire choices with LESS of a reliance on ties and tucks in inapprioriate places.  I know many sisters buy these items for sisters parties or whatever, but still…she should really up the more modest choices.  I do see she has 3 abayaat up on her site, I do like them…but I cant see myself spending upwards of $500 on an abaya…especially as I have a closet full via Saudi. But, the first design I showed would be a nice piece to have…an abaya style but more active length…I could dig that, i’mn sure other sisters could as well.

Anyway, I do hope she brings in more longer lengths, less figure-showing garments becausxe jersey can be very revealing, especially is made to accentuate the figure, which some of these designs are!

As a side note, I do like her big, jersey shaylahs too! I like how long and wide they are…great for a wrap that covers the chest!

What do you all think about her pieces?


8 thoughts on “Some Rabia Z designs which I adore…

  1. LOL it’s a good thing that you quote me so often.. well for me anyway 🙂 means you either like what I post or hate it 😛

    as for the rabia z designs.. I have to agree with you to the dot. I love the drapes and everything.. and the thing is I usually see better more accommodating designs on her fb page and fashion shows.. she doesnt have a huge range available on her website

  2. I’m with you about how this emphasizes the hips, I think that’s the case with or without the belt 😛 no way could I pull off this sort of style (nor do I think I’d want to try). There are a couple of tunics on the site that seem okay (though, not my personal style …or price! and not with skinny jeans or tights). On the whole though, the droopy-extra-fabric-under-the-arms trend–which is not limited to hijabi-wear at the moment either, I’ve seen a number of shorter tops like this in stores lately–is something I’m not that keen on (especially problematic in the shorter styles). In part because it makes it very difficult to layer a jacket or anything with regular sleeves over the top because of all the excess fabric. I had a “butterfly” style abaya at one point which had less extra fabric there than these ones, but that factor still bugged me about it, though I did sometimes cram jackets on top.

  3. I can say that I’m honestly not a fan of much of anything on her site…and definitely not a fan of those prices. YIKES!! I know I’m very conservative when it comes to clothing so I tried picturing my teen daughter in some of the tops and like you pointed out some of them are definitely not suited for someone wearing jeans underneath which is something my daughter does pretty much all the time. So I don’t think I’d be comfortable with those pieces.

  4. Wow, that last one is pretty weird with the open back! I don’t like it…I’ve seen the website and wasn’t impressed with it.

  5. I think that a person would have to be very tall and skinny to carry those types of draping off, though the first two look cute. I wonder how well the jersey would clean and wear, and also, how well the draping look would hold up with a few wearings –

  6. I have had clothing made in that type of jersey before (its either a rayon and lycra or rayon, poly and lycra) and it is not good for anything remotely pleated or drapey like that as it doesn’t hold its shape well after washing and tends to get quite creased with dye settling into the creases, it only works well for straight up straight down stuff. I made a very long khimar in three colours of this fabric once and I only kept the grey one because the black and brown varieties of the fabric had the aforementioned problems (and were also very clingy), the grey one being thicker and with less stretch was the only one that worked well.

  7. Asalamalaikum sisters,

    I have to disagree with most of you for main reason being her work in modest fashion and amazing designs in an international level, which no one else has done before. Her designs are made for all. I was inspired to start dressing modestly and then took up hijab Alhamdulillah ONLY after I saw Rabia Z’s fashion and message. I have many beautiful hijabs and clothes that I purchased from their email catalog (and website) and I am actually a curvy woman (XL)! They look great on 🙂
    We wear many Western brands and do not complain despite all the layering, flaws, and fuss…when it comes to a Muslim sister making a difference in our lives, we should not jump into criticizing so quickly. If you own a piece, then please review. If not, then do not. Jazak Allah Khair.

    • wa salaam…sister to each their own. If you find her attire modest enough to fullfill the requirements of hejab that is laid down in the quraan, sunnah and what the scholar have mentioned fullfills hejab then by all means do so. But from hat I know about what hejab entails, anything which exposes the awrah which indeed some of her shirts do indeed expose the womans awrah or are made to drape and show the figure then they do not fullfill the requirements of hejab. There is a misunderstanding amongst many Muslims that hejab is solely the headcsarf, this is NOT true. hejab entails modest, baggy attire which HIDES the figure, along with a headscarf which covers down to the chest and that the awrah which is everything but face and hands is covered and not discernable. If your wearing a shirt made of jersey which shows the upper thighs or exposes how big your butt it, how is that hejab? I personally dont plan to buy any of her pieces except for maybe that first one I mentioned because for me they are not modest enough for wearing outside around non-mahrams and since I see point to layering a tunic under an abaya or jilbab…why waste the money? Also, my blog is not solely about doing reviews and raving about all the trendy awesome things which Muslim women flock too like chickens but which dont really cover anything…i.e. the rue 21 hejab is a good example…the purpose of my blog is for Mohajabaat and Monaqabaat style which is considered PROPER hejab where a sister covers her awrah and covers in an overgarment like is required. If this post upsets you, then maybe you need to step back and read up on what the scholars have ruled as hejab because a tunic that shows off your butt and hips to the world is NOT hejab.

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