Modest covering style with a Turkish silk scarf!

asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatooh!

(Karaca Sude silk scarf)

Most of you have seen the Turkish silk scarves online, but maybe thought that due to their rather small size (by US Muslim standards *grin*) and how the models wear them…that there is no way you can wear them modesty to actually cover your chest in one! You actually can, it just takes some work.

I am not going to go into how to care for a Turkish silk scarf or how to achieve the perfect peak…LOL, if you want that, sister Edibe of Hijabi and the City has a YouTube video showing some tricks to achieve a smooth front with the silk scarves…I use those tricks myself otherwise I would never wear one as they can be tricky to wear unless you know what your doing. Anyway.

I had kind of developed this style based on how I wear my regular scarf squares and find everything is covered quite decently with a silk scarf when I wear it in the same way! yes I do cover my chin because the scholars I follow do consider the underside of the chin as part of the awrah (I’ve blogged about this before, if your curious, just cull the archives) and honestly I didnt think women in Turkey wear them in a similar way, as it ends up, I was watching a TV show on Iranian TV (via GLWIZ)  and saw a documentary on Islam in Turkey and I saw many Turkish women earing the silk scarf in the SAME way and they were well covered too! Mash’Allah.

i.e…. I dunno whether its a style sisters of certain religious groups wear or not…but its my preferred style regardless…

Now for my pictures… as you can see, its a typical 36x 36inch. silk scarf (Karaca) from Turkey and it covers the chest and back very well and one thing which I like about the silk scarves is they are almost weightless on the head so there is more airflow than with a shaylah or al-amirah. Only downside is you have to spray the front when you first get it to achieve a good peak and then use several quilters or hat pins to keep it in place, but after awhile they form easier and are quicker to put on!

How I get this style is very easy, I lay the scarf on my head like any other square, pin under the chin and because its a silk scarf you need to put 1 pin at the top of the head to anchor to the underscarf and then I take 1 piece over and around my chin, pin at the opposite cheek, I thin take another two pins and pin the scarf at the sides of my head to the underscarf, I then take the flap under the pinned side and bring it across to around the opposite shoulder area and pin down. I use about 6 quilting pins. You can get away with maybe 4, but if I am wearing this all day, I use 6 otherwise the silk will slide a bit. Again, they form easier after awhile. It just takes practice…

I hope this idea will be of use to some of you who like the Turkish scarves but also want to achieve some chest coverage! If you dont cover you chin, you can easily just pin at opp. shoulders with the front pieces.

Here are some other pictures I found via flickr showing other women with a similar hijab style…

soo…see, Turkish scarves can be covering!

Also…just to let you all know. HijabPlanet which is a Turkey based scarf shop has a 21% off spring sale!   I’m seriously tempted to get a new Karaca scarf myself…LOL

This Karaca “Didem” silk scarf is calling to me…hehehehe…


10 thoughts on “Modest covering style with a Turkish silk scarf!

  1. thank you for the tips. i have several cotton square scarfs i thought wouldn’t work for proper hijab but i will try your tips.

  2. Yeah, they’re not as large as the average scarf but it depends on how you pin them and how much you fold over to make the triangle too. I have found the more knowledgeable Turkish women to wear the scarf so it covers properly and I have seen a couple cover the chin, too. I never really thought about the chin to be honest, I guess I could look into that!

  3. salam
    sister how do you do that white photo effect to conceal your face ? thanks!
    nice scarf btw!

    • every photo editing program has a blurr or eraser effect which you can use. I use Linux so I use an open source program, but I believe other programs have it as well as does photobucket.

    • asalaamu alaikum..sister I have a round face too and this scarf style does cover the chin and the cheeks well making the face a bit more narrow…maybe look at the posting again.

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