Some outfits of the past weeks

Asalaamu alaikum wr wb all!  I hope noone expects a lot of postings because I’m halfway through a crazy med-surg course, so I honestly am not going to be posting much for the next few months, I’ll post a little but not too much.

Anyway, here are a few of my past few outfits…actually from the past 2 weeks,

I recently found this short style denim jacket which I wore out quite a bit the past few weeks…at first I worried it may look funny on me since its a style I normally see on teenagers in skinny jeans and tee-shirts and its cut very short, but I found that with a long abaya it looks quite decent and its definetly cooler than most traditional denim jackets due to the much shorter length. I personally wouldnt recommend it with a tunic and pants or skirt  because i may show too much, but with a baggy abaya it’s very workable and adds a bit of urban style to the outfit.


Outfit 1)

My Bedoon Essm Turquoise abaya from Saudi Arabia with a turquoise pashmina shaylah, my grey sneakers, navy Paquetage messanger bag (Ive had since 2005 which has traveled with me around the world !) and the short denim jacket.

Outfit 2)

Shukr denim jilbab with grey Iranian maghneh and same messanger bag! LOL

I’m not a huge fan of denim jilbabs…but this one from Shukr is very nice, its more like a full length button front tunic or something! Nothing gaudy or 80’s about it and the denim is very sturdy but lightweight and comfortable! Not all stiff and hot like some other denim jilbabs Ive had in the past!

Outfit 3)

This mildly decorated satin abaya from Saudi with brown crepe shaylah from Bedoon Essm in Saudi Arabia and that same short denim jacket! I tend to NOT wear satin or anything decorated because I definitely prefer plain and simple styles but this one isnt **too* decorated or fancy or gaudy (shudder) and so its worn occasionally…it just has some funky Saudi cuffs. LOL

Outfit 4)

My Pseudo-Turkish look..okay so yah its straight up Turkish style…LOL also one of the rare occasions I wore a skirt!  I loath skirts with every fiber of my being generally as I just do not find them comfortable or even very modest (hello, wind, stairs, buses…need I go on? and who wants to layer pants under a skirt in the heat! not I!), but this skirt is quite comfortable. I came across it at a thriftshop (yes I shop those and I aint ashamed to say it!)  its pure linen, button front, quite bell-shaped and fits quite comfortably..its also a designer brand…Etienne Aigner. The manteau is a summer Turkish “kap” purchased at HijabStyle in AlKhobar  (Al-Rashid Mall) and the scarf is a traditional “oya” scarf a Turkish friend gave me before she returned to Turkey. wallahi…those Oya scarves are SOO comfortable and they stay put to well! Love them, perfect for summery days! mash’Allah.

Outfit 5)

My Jade green two-piece jelbab with a lightweight light green and grey hoodie.

Super comfy, basic with a very urban look which fits in well here. alhamdullah.

Hope ya’ll found some of my “styles” nice…LOL…its probably put some of you to sleep, but i figure why dress up for everyday wear with all kinds of stuff, because it sort of defeats the purpose of hejab anyway.


12 thoughts on “Some outfits of the past weeks

    • LOL< yes I do too! Its my summery abaya look…and yes it was sold off the rack in Saudi! They also had hot pink. LOL jazakh'Allah.

  1. MasaAllah they are very nice. You are right about outfit 4, it is pure Turkish 😀 I didn’t notice Turkish hijabis (proper ones like yours) have distinctive style before I start to read your blog. And it is nice you are able to switch back on forth between abaya/jilbab/pardesu to charsaf style. In Turkey you are either one or other, people would judge very quick 😦

  2. Mashallah sis. I love the jacket over the abaya. My daughter fights me so about her own style but I’m going to have to show her your blog. Perhaps she will try some of these styles out. It definitely looks more modest than what she tries to wear outside now 😦 Good grief teenages are tough!

    My favorites are #1, 4 and 5. I just had my 2 piece jilbab on yesterday. No jacket though.

  3. I have just been on umrah MashaAllaah and the ‘Turkish’ outfit you wore is exactly like that worn by the Turkish umrah groups which there were a lot of. Most of the groups the ladies wore a beige ‘kap’ over skirts or wide trousers and all the ladies in any one group had on matching hijabs (and some random floral design too).

  4. Salaam
    The second one is definitely my favourite!
    I like how you switch between styles of hejab (from “conservative” like jelbab/khimar to manteau and scarf), as sister nihal mentioned above. I think it’s easier to do that in the usa than in muslim countries…

    • well, I dont really think I’m switching anything since I still dress very conservatively and when I do wear a manteau its generally long and I wear wide-legged pants or a skirt under so its still an overgarment. Also there really are no Muslim countries per se, there are countries with majority Muslim populations so the culture and customs are in line with Islamic rulings but in every country which is majority Muslim except for maybe Saudi you can pretty much dress how you like, even in Iran you can wear long manteau, short manteau, chador, chador-e melli, whatever… also I havent seen anywhere in any rulimgs that state only ONE style of attire is fard, al it says is that overgarments are fard or bare min. atleast wajib and the best are the full length from the shoulder or head kind. (Ive done blog posts on these rulings in the past). Anyway, jazakh’Allah. Allah swt knows best.

      • Actually what I meant is that in muslim majority countries you can’t one day wear manteau and scarf and the other day wear overhead unless you have a very strong personality and you dont care about what people say at all (family, neighbors, co-workers etc) because they label you so easily, you know what I mean? I wasn’t referring to laws or anything, but rather to the comments and the weird looks you receive if you change your style (but still conservative of course!)

      • asalaamu alaikum…LOL…well…then alhamdullah I’m in the US because people are free to choose how they wish to dress within the guidelines of what is required for proper hejab. I do know what you mean though, but if people have their hang-ups…than thats their own issue, not mine or anybody elses. I’m sure the Arab women at the masjid I attend lollygag at how I switch it up for sunday school and whatever else, but I dont socialize with them, it doesnt affect me. LOL

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