Muslim Diva overgarments

asalaamu alaikum wr wb!

I wanted to share with you all this  small, home-based business that a sister out of Philly is running where she designs and makes some rather unique and yes, beautiful overgarments! Frankly, when I saw her stuff, my mouth dropped with a “aww yeah, now thats my style!” exclamation. Muslim Diva. Her designs are very East Coast American Muslim style with  a unique twist about them.

Take a gander for yourself. I havent ordered from her but the sister who runs the Beautiful Ummah blog has and and has posted about her designs several times.

Here are some ones which I am drooling over…esp ahem, that military style jilbab!





Seriously…no “cookie cutter” designs here…mash’Allah. May Allah swt grant this sister success with her business.


5 thoughts on “Muslim Diva overgarments

  1. Oooh, nice! I love the knee pleat one, so pretty with the brown and blue, I would totally wear that. And her prices are good too! Hmm…I shall keep this in mind next time I need something!

  2. Just took a look at the site and I love most of the overgarments, they are all very understated and chic and not in weird colours either. Her ponchos and capes are really nice too! I may be contacting her at some point to see how much it costs to ship to the UK

  3. Sista Hanifa is very gifted and professional I have ordered from her and Insha Allah will order again Subhannallah for her humily and creativity in helping muslimahs stay covered for the sake of Allah

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