Niqab in France !?!

Aww yeah…those French sisters have it going on, ala’ Jelbab style avec niqab…mash’Allah!



13 thoughts on “Niqab in France !?!

    • Looool, I dunno! I’ve heard most people don’t even both w the law… France still has a old law forbidding women from wearing pants in public! Lol but I say, rock on to them… Mash’Allah!

  1. As-salamu aleykum wrwb
    I found this picture somewhere on facebook and I just loooove it. I got myself the grey two piece jilbab – one of the sisters is wearing it in the picture. Its so comfy.
    Do you know the colour of the jilbab infront and in the middle of the picture`? Might be pruneclair?
    I wish there would be more pictures like that ♥

  2. I saw this on facebook and just love it! I really love that green color jelbab. Maybe if I wear the one I have often enough, I’ll be able to get another…

  3. the picture must be taken before the anti-niqab law. i doubt a group of niqabis can walk down the street without being noticed by the police and eventually getting arrested (hey that’s at least 1500 euros they could get from them if every niqabi was to pay a fine)

  4. From what I have heard a few women have been fined for wearing niqab but a French-Moroccan business man is paying all the fines, and it isn’t that many who have been fined. Still despite not being fined; women who do wear niqab out and about are getting verbal abuse or even physically attacked for doing so apparently 😦 May Allaah make it easy for them.

    • From what Ive heard is that in many places the police honestly dont even bother women in Niqab. Most of them seem to have a I dont care attitude. I have a friend in a small city in France who knows all the police and noone really bothers her at all. I think it dept on where you live and the police themselves. There will always be annoying people who want to cause problems…its like police here where I live, noone cares if you jaywalk, but there will always be 1 or 2 police once in a lifetime who may stop you for it! I think that picture is actually quite recent.

      • Yup not the police; I mean harassment from joe public, again though this is something that depends on the area. But some French people are very arrogant and think it is their civic duty to ‘uphold the secular nature of the republic’

  5. They look cute although a little startling for those not used to long khimar + niqab but mashallah its great to see them dressing as they please no matter where they are..muslim country or not.
    I remember before i converted the first time i saw a niqabi it did freak me out/intrigue at the same time …so i can understand when ppl are uncomfortable with it but to ban it is ridiculous.

  6. I like the style and attitude of the sister with her hand on her hip at the front with the beige jacket!

    Maybe the police think it’s a stupid law, lol, that’s why not many niqabis have been fined…

  7. Assalaamu alaykum, bit of a random question but wondered if you have any view on Saluna fabric as a material for the two piece sets? Cos I had my eye on this one:
    Mostly cos I want one in the prune colour… n a lot seem to be outta stock in the middle size.. dunno if saluna is a good fabric for the sets compared to… for example.. the nouveau caviary or similar. Hmm…

    • sister, I dont know which kind of saloona they are using since from my own experience in Saudi you have low grade saloona and high grade and they felt 100% different from each other. The low grade was nasty stuff, the high grade was very fine and nice. Also, what I may consider saloona may not be what they consider saloona since ive seen companies in UAE term some fabrics like internet, when its far from true internet, as fas as what Ive seen in Saudi with the high grade internets. Im sure its good though. en’sha’Allah

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