New designs comin’ out at Al-Mujalbaba!

asalaamu alaikum wr wb

American sisters from the East Coast (and sisters from around the world) will probably know about Al-Mujalbaba…a long-running Islamic clothing business run by an American Muslim sister named Jenneh. I got my very first shaylah from her back in the day, yes 1998! It was the first time I and most of my friends had even seen shaylahs at the time, because everyone wore squares back then. Anyway, I have ordered from her occasionally since then and always liked her items. Everything is made right in NY by local people. Anyway, she occasionally brings out new designs and am really glad to see that she is coming out with some nice new styles for the upcoming warm weather!

…Ofcourse…lovin’ her Urban jilbab…hello…perfect for the urban sister who takes the bus or subway…all those pockets! mash’Allah. Btw, en’sha’Allah expect a review of her garments shortly. (unfortunately her urban jilbabs seem to be out of stock, but you can always contact her and see if she can can have a custom made for you!)

For her warm weather designs…she’s come out with lotsa new hijab prints…LINEN ABAYAAT (wheeh!) and more styles of the 2 piece long tunic with skirt in peachskin.

(Al-Mujalbaba linen abaya)

(Al-Mujalbaba animal prints for the warm weather)


(Al-Mujalbaba square scarves in fresh, floral and fruity tones for summer!)

I’m glad to see she’s coming out with some new styles for the new season, mash’Allah.


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  1. I LOVE Al-Mujalbaba! They have really great items, and I absolutely love that the jilbabs come in every color under the sun (I’m seriously considering getting a yellow jilbab from her!), and that they all have pockets! Those new linen jilbabs look awesome, as do the tunic and skirt sets. Masha’Allah, Sister Jennah is so nice in person too! I went to her store in New York and it was excellent, and I was really sad to hear that she only does online orders now (but at least she still does those, Alhamdulillah).

    • My DH got to visit their store and got some items for me that I pre-ordered but sadly I never got to visit. My favourite item from them is what used to be 10 niqabs for $12; but they are now $3 each. I wish I had been a bit more sensible and got a few of each ‘normal’ colour instead of one in every outlandish colour imaginable as I did. I do find that I wear the brown and navy ones often (and would the black also but I messed up the elastic on it so need to put a new piece on)

      • Salaam, well sadly the store closed! My items from her came today! I’ll give u all the scoop in the next few days… Ensha’Allah! Btw umm Abdullah, pls share what you think of her niqabs…

      • I’m not such a fan of the headband niqabs, as they are not sewn very well ,whole thing seems to have been sewn by a serger and the two layers against the face are separate from one another and in some cases these two layers don’t even line up properly. The elastic backed half niqabs are really decent though, same or similar fabrics to the headband niqabs but seems to work better in a half niqab, and again the two layers of fabric against the face are separate but for a half niqab you’d expect that. The elastic used is very stretchy and fairly soft, not like the stiff, hard elastic used on some half niqabs. Also the elastic is deliberately made too long do you can adjust it by tying a small loop knot in the back (just don’t go overboard I tied the black one too tight and couldn’t undo the knot)

  2. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I can’t find her linen jilbabs on her site. ^ ^ As for a yellow jilbab that the poster wrote above me, I don’t see those either.

    • The linen jilbabs are on her Facebook page; I think she said they’d be on the website in a couple weeks insha’Allah. The yellow jilbab isn’t pictured, but if you look at her peachskin jilbabs, in the “select a color” list there is “banana” as one of the choices.

  3. Salam !
    I’m so excited about the linen jilbabs coming out ! I like the peachskin skirt set too but I don’t know if that fabric would be suitable for hot weather (like 95°). plus it must be getting static

  4. I think it depends on the type of peachskin; some of the better quality ones feel like very soft, powdered silk and are not static at all. I have heard the sister does send fabric swatches if these are required.

    • exactly…I have 1 jilbab set and 1 abaya in peachskin and I can honestly tell you I really like that material for garments. Yes it has a slight sheen to it, but I havent found them to be staticy or hot or sweaty. I live in a big city, which is in a valley and near lots of water so summers are very hot and VERY steamy! And I havent had problems. In winter everything can get static prone when its dry air and your walking on carpets, but I was everything with some white vinegar and it really helps to cut out static, also carrying a cling sheet in your purse can help because even if you wear a denim jilbab, it can get clingy in dry air, its like everything. So, frankly, I wouldnt say peachskin is a bad fabric, actually I like the fabric a lot. Personally, I find it better than the cheapo crepes some places make abayaat from. Just my opinion. You can def. contact her to get a swatch I believe. Her peachskin abayaat are very popular, I do know that.

      • it’s the sheen that makes me hesitant to commit to peachskin. But I do say that Sis Jennah does stock the good quality stuff. She’s very up front about the pros/cons of fabric and designs.

  5. i love their designs. and i am totally in love with the urban abaya on the photo, i can picture mysel wearing it around the town doing chores, it looks perfect. i hope she restock until winter 🙂

  6. I am not crazy about the peachskin jilbabs (I tried one with a zipper when I was desperately trying to find an abaya I could nurse in, years back) but I love her square scarves! I have several of them. There are always interesting and unique patterns that are different from what I see on other sites, they’re a nice large size that makes them easy to wear, and the fabric holds up incredibly well (a lot of companies the fabric inevitably ends up snagging, but I have not had that experience with hers). Also she has the best fabric descriptions of anywhere and a lot of variety in different fabric weights and thicknesses 🙂

  7. I like the square hijabs, I have a few from al-mujalbaba and I love the color selections. That linen jilbab sounds nice for summer!

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