Aker scarf = eye candy

I’ve been finding myself moving more into square scarves lately…Ive been wearing shaylahs almost exclusively for the past 3-4 years, so I suppose I just want a bit of a change!  I wore squares almost exclusively for like 9 years or so when I first started to cover…so I guess its only natural to go through phases. I’ve dug out my old squares and are eye-balling new ones. LOL.  Ive come to quite like the silk squares out of Turkey, as I mentioned a few posts back, it took a lot of tries and wearing to actually get comfortable with them since they can be tricky to use at first, but I find they sit very lightly and airily on the head and DO provide chest coverage if you pin it in ways to achieve that and they allow more air flow under the scarf…also, as Ive found with the 2 Karaca ones which are now 4 years old…they are dang durable! Those 2 scarves look fantastic and Ive worn them a lot! mash’Allah.

I’ve started to eye ball the Aker scarves mainly because out of all of the other Turkish silk scarf producers they have the most unique designs! Almost every other silk scarf designer has rather dull designs which I keep seeing over and over again, year after year! Unfortunately the Aker ones are more than the Karaca or Armine but they are supposed to be even more indestructable than the other ones because they are treated to be stain and water proof.

wow…tea, oil and vinegar on a silk scarf! *gasp* ok,they looked like tea, oil and vinegar…LOL-I’m not Turkish fluent.

Here are some ones which I find quite beautiful. My biggest miff with them is that most of the models have the scarves drapped over themselves like accessories or knotted under the chin ala’ Irani style. Granted these Aker scarves are wickedly popular all over Iran and during my last trip EVERY hejab shop sold them-behind glass with lock and key and with a cost of more than what many people make in 1 month! Still, though, they are popular. BUt never the less, the producers are practicing Muslims yet they have them modeled as accessories… *miff*

Regardless, here are some which I find gorgeous!!!

My favorite! Seashells….how interesting!

Slightly celtic-ish…

My pick is indeed the seashell one!

For those of us outside of Turkey…HijabPlanet which is based In Turkey and is reputable sells the Aker scarves (along with other silk scarves!)


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