Ferace – another type of Turkish overgarment

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I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures/drawing of women from the Ottoman Empire who had on what looked like a heavy, baggy overcoat with a filmy white scarf and veil combination.

The heavy overcoat which was worn over their house clothing was/is called a “ferace” (I assume pronounced fer-aj-eh). There is a modern version of this overgarment which is also worn by many very conservative Turkish women. Its sort of like a looser, more somber version of the pardesu. Sister Edibe (who is now in Istanbul working!) told me they were basically the Turkish version of an Abaya. I reckon that does make sense, but to me, personally from the designs Ive seen they seem more like a less structured and looser version of a pardesu and always in a dark color! From what ive seen online and from in real life with some of the Turkish women I know, the ferace is worn by the more conservative women, like the kinds who probably also wear carsaf or niqab. Its considered a more sober, stricter form of attire. (Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but those are the answers I got when I inquired about these with some Turkish women I know)

(Turkish niqabi with ferace)

(the women on the far right, has on what would be considered a “ferace”, in lieu of a carsaf)

The ferace styles are readily available on many online Turkish websites and as I keep mentioning…E-Tesettur has a line of ferace up on their website. They are seriously affordable and look very nice! Only downer is they run on the smaller side with the largest being a Turkish size 44-if these interest you, you should inquire with them about the sizing of the ferace as I would assume they are meant to be worn rather loose and as Ive learned, the sizes do vary between brands! whats a 44 in Setrms is not the same as a 44 in Tekbir or Miss Yagmur! They are the Huma Sultan brand. Here are some below which I really do think are quite lovely and are a nice mix between Abaya and Pardesu.


7 thoughts on “Ferace – another type of Turkish overgarment

  1. Mashallah, I like the first two. I’m sure since they run small they definitely wouldn’t fit me but I love looking at other styles of Islamic dress nevertheless. Thanks so much as always sis for taking time out of your life to share with us!

  2. You are spot on with ferace being not the exact same thing with abaya. Iguess now there are two types of Ferace in the market, one sold in classical non brand shops, and the other sold in brand name “tesettur*” shops. The non brand Ferace comes in black (the ones i have seen anyway) it is made of softer and thinner fabric than most of the pardesu(s) and comes in a wide range of sizes, it is buttoned in front and it has embellishments in cuffs and button bands. This type of Ferace is worn by elderly, non-urban styled women mostly and maybe it has the most resemblance with a buttoned abaya. The Ferace of the brand name shops are only a bit loose version of the pardesu and they are very different than the first category.

    I am actually very frustrated with this so called tesettur brands of Turkey, Their patterns becoming tighter and tighter, so much curve accentuation, so much splash of color, so much BIG embellishments.. In short so much everything to get the attention of haram men. The avarage Turkish women is not skinny so this so called modest piece of clothing sticks out the shoulders (oh men don’t get me started on that overboard shoulder pads), pops the breasts, accentuates the curves and it gets shorter and shorter. The styling in the photos they use does not suggest any kind of modesty either (i am not talking about the ones in this post) so we left with many hijabis with skinny jeans, highest heels on naked feet and brace yourselves, slim fit, short shirts.. And ofcourse the scarf is worn so it does not cover the chest.

    And I don’t even go in detail about those camel humps which i started to see in young women in carsaf. *bangs her head on the wall*

    *i guess i can translate this word as muhajabat.

    Sorry to hijack 😀

  3. I like these. I’m not a big fan of abaya with a bunch of embellishments so these simple garments really appeal to me.

  4. Salam
    They are nice but look pretty much like the jordanian jilbab. I don’t see a big difference between the two personally

    • well both are button front overgarments so yes they are similar. Ditto for pardesu, only diff is styling preferences between cultures and ferace are known as dark colored-usually black in Turkey whereas the pardesu would be more like the Jordanian jilbabs.

  5. I used to own one of these didn’t realise it was a different category of overgarment to the pardesu; it was a really baggy, conservative, black button down overgarment from Turkey and was in a slightly crinkled, lightweight poly/rayon blend suiting fabric, with a very thin lining, it was very very long (bit too long even for me) and a lot less structured than your typical Turkish jilbab/pardesu. In the end I gave it to a sister purely because the fabric used was very prone to attracting all kinds of dust and lint but it was very nice otherwise.

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