Overhead overgarments around the world…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

pardon the random mish-mash post but Ive had these pictures on my hard drive for ages…looking for a good post to put them in, ah well…I figured a post show the different types of overhead overgarments around the Muslim world wouldnt be such a bad idea!

Saudi niqabis in overhead abayaat...

Bahraini women, one in overhead abaya.

Gulf Arab woman in London wearing overhead abaya

Lebanese women in overhead abaya (aka. Lubnani chador)

Azerbaijani women in modern chador/overhead abaya

Turkish women in Carsaf

Iranian women in traditional or modern chador

Women in France in overhead jilbab


4 thoughts on “Overhead overgarments around the world…

  1. Oh my gosh, is that Iranian girl wearing a bright blue chador? That’s awesome masha’Allah! Honestly, I think my least favorite of these is the French jilbab; I haven’t seen one in real life, but they seem like they don’t drape as nicely as the other garments, like they look really baggy while the others just look full.

  2. Great Article mashaAllaah, just one correction. I am 100% sure the sister in London is Somali, not Arab, just judging by her features and also the way she is wearing the overhead and scarf underneath you can tell. Also traditional gulf Arabs in London never wear the overhead abaya sans niqab or batula; you get some that wear niqab and not overhead but never really those that wear overhead and not niqab. And finally, judging by the tags on the original photo on flickr; it was taken near East London masjid/Whitechapel which is an area full of Bangladeshis or Somalis but I have never seen any gulf Arabs around there-they tend to be more in West London or around Edgware Rd.

  3. Mashaa Allah! These are so beautiful. I live in the U.S and I’ve been looking for overhead abaayas EVERYWHERE, but sadly my searches are frutile. Can you sisters recommend an online shop where I can buy them? I would appreciate that very much. JazikAllah khayr

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