More modest Irani hejab style

I was asked a few times about how to do a more modest, better covering Irani hejab style. Well, since everyone thinks the tie under the chin style is so quintessentially Irani style…there is a way to do it so the chest and everything is better covered.

Less like this…

Kinda more like this… like what the more traditional or religious Irani women do.

I dont really recommend using a typical sized Turkish scarf for this style, you need a larger scarf! Like around 40inches or bigger…the bigger the better, the more covering can be done! You will also need a good, secure underscarf and like 2 quilting/straight/ball pins atleast.

I used a 46inches by 46inches “green” hejab from Al-Mujalbaba. I just made the square into the triangle, placed on my head. Then kind of loosely pinned under my chin, leaving the ends dangle. I then put the other pin at the top of my head, kind of back to anchor it in place.

Then I took one of the dangling sides-doesnt matter, either one and brought under the hanging one, up and over the pin and out to the front again. I then spread it out and it covers the chin and the chest. Personally I dont feel very comfortable in this style as this isnt my normal square scarf style, but its OK and I suppose I could get used to it. This is more along the lines of how some women wear the tie style to be more secure and cover better. The average Turkish sized square is OK for this style if you have a chador or other overgarment on, over top-like an overhead abaya or whatever as the chest is fully covered in that instance.

So thats that! Quite easy…nothing major and stays quite well.


2 thoughts on “More modest Irani hejab style

  1. Salaam
    Yeah i think i wouldn’t be very comfortable in this style either because it’s not really what i’d call chest coverage.

  2. Recently I started wearing this style under an overhead and niqab, no one is going to see it so it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t cover my chest but at the same time it covers enough should my niqab blow up or move and it’s also a lot less pins and layers of fabric involved. Oddly I have found my niqab stays in place better on top of this style than atop a wrapped shaylah too

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