Sometimes Polyvore is a bad thing!

aka…how to tell who is either a)a Niqabi fetishist or b) unstylish in a bad way!

*gulp…* I do hope these are meant to be a joke …or maybe a joke by a niqabi fetishist.




All the niqabi fetishist hallmarks…leather or vinyl skirts, boots AND gloves!  eegads…




Yes the modern bedouin “lady” with hose! LOOOL….

Yup…glad to see niqabi fetishists have moved to Polyvore

**And…just for the fun of it. Within 1 hr of posting this…I got this comment which I trashed. LOL

Strangeness is afoot sisters!

siti nurrachmini

can u send to me freeeeeeeeeeeeeee im in indonesian in jakarta”



9 thoughts on “Sometimes Polyvore is a bad thing!

  1. One can tell a fetishist by the scary looking niqab pics they choose. Real women usually try to choose pretty, more feminine looking niqabi pics. But these guys prefer the creepy, suffocating, dehumanizing niqabi pics. The last set with pantyhose…. definitely a male fetishist! I dont know why, but the style of clothes makes me think – a Dutch, white European fetishist.

  2. Yikes, those are some really bad outfits! The skirt/shirt in the second pic aren’t too bad, but the rest? Scary!
    I don’t get niqab fetishists. It’s really weird.

  3. So creepy! I posted a video one time on you tube of me in niqab because I liked the anonymity it allowed and soon found it being added to super creepy playlists and viewed way too many times for what the video was about… I put it down at once. Those creeps definitely do exist!!

  4. Nothing wrong with dark colours and conservative over garments but most of the pics these freaks choose are modelled on mannequins, that’s why they look so weird.

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