Its Pants! Its a Skirt! Its…Its…both!

Seriously…I think this “pantalon etek” (skirt pants) out of Turkey is wickedly awesome…and available both as the lower extremety garment and as a dress! C’mon…how more awesome can you get, its pants that actually, truely look like a skirt or a dress so you have full awrah coverage that a skirt affords but minus the skirt hassles (uh, potential immodesty if its windy or you trip!)

Love it…

The dress…

Yes, you can actually order them…E-Tesettur carries them and they are very reasonably priced.


8 thoughts on “Its Pants! Its a Skirt! Its…Its…both!

  1. The skirt looks nice, the dresses are stylish but look a bit like something the FLDS would wear!

  2. wow sis ur kinda behind the times… lol, the turkish big head look has been going on for like a decade now…lol…no its volume scarves too…see a previous post here i mention that trend…and forget saying things to anybody cuz you’ll be chewed out and labeled an extremist!

  3. urgh, all my typos…i was typing and eating salad at the same time! I leant…now its volume scarves TOO anddd a few months back (I forget when) I posted about that trend and got lotsa chew-out comments which I didnt publish. LOL

  4. Sisters, I am going to just delete this entire convo as its off topic of my post and is going nowhere fast. LOL. So no offense to anybody but any of these back and forth convo in comments I am deleting as they just cause fitnah. We are all Muslims and we are all at different places and we all follow different scholars, rulings and madhabs. I try not to push any one particular school of thought.

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