“Boho” summery jelbab style

asalaamu alaikum,

I came up with a rather Boho-y summery half jelbab and skirt style for school today. It was fantastically breezy and comfortable!

This blue half jelbab is my favorite sofar, its a medium-light, cornflower-ish blue. I only got the top piece, no matching skirt so I could pair it with my Al-Mujalbaba black peachskin skirt or a Navy skirt or whatever else may strike my fancy. I threw it over a flounced, patterned skirt from Old Navy. It looks kind of “Irani Bakhtiari tribal ” style if I may say so myself, because the women wear these type of patterned flounced skirts and usually have on a long tunic with side slits, so it looks rather similar. Honestly I had never considered pairing a patterned skirt with a half jelbab since I always just wear the matching skirt that comes with the half jelbabs (if you buy the set) or at most, a black peachskin skirt…LOL. I thought maybe it would come off as kind of silly looking, but no, I really liked the urban-y, boho, unique look of the 2 items paired together.

I wore it weith light blue arm covers and a white underscarf. For in class, because they have the air cranked up, a grey cardigan. Outside it was scorching hot, the air flow was FANTASTIC!! wow!

Although I bought the skirt in the store, it can be had online! I think the skirt really is awesomely comfortable and soo breezy and light!

***Note, I’m updating my Storenvy website with some more items I wish to rehome…I also have a new “vieux rose” (ancient rose) koshibo 2 piece jelbab (with sarouel) which needs a new home, the color makes me look sickly!  I’ll en’sha’Allah have it up there in a few days if anyone wants a medium toned, rose-y brown half jelbab with sarouel…lemme know…its a size 2! Really I adore it, but the color doesnt suit my skin tone AT ALL!


13 thoughts on ““Boho” summery jelbab style

  1. I have the exact same skirt. I love it, it really is very light and perfect for hot days. That cornflower color of the half-jilbab is gorgeous, Masha’Allah!

    • Yah I LOVE the skirt too, I got it the past weekend and have worn it like every day and I am NOT skirt person at all, but its actually comfortable and long enough, but not soo long I trip and it doesnt fly up! The cornflower…yes, its very nice, very summery…mash’Allah.

  2. Can I call dibs on the jelbab and the shalee chador? I haven’t been able to buy the chador because i’m waiting for my income tax return. Inshallah I’ll have it this week.

  3. Can I call dibs on the 2 piece jelbab? Inshallah in a couple days when I get my tax return I’ll be buying the shalee chador too I hope.

  4. As Salaam Alaykum:-) I hope every one is well….this question is for Umm Ibrahim: Will Allzons carry sarouels w/Jilbab in the near future?

    • wa alaikum as salam…sister it really depends…I need to move more of my stock out and need summer vacation! LOL. I was planning to do so, but then decided against it as I just dont have much time…im in med-surg right now and its taking even more of my time away. we’ll see come summer…I will try…but I dont know right now.

  5. Wa aleikoum salam, i’m a french jilbab wearer for a long time and never had the idea to wear it with differents skirts! It’s a good idea, your outfit is really beautiful machaAllah. I have to find a skirt wearable for this purpose.

  6. Salaams,
    This totally reminds me of one of your back in the day pics (remember when you had that boho chic pic visiting DC??)

    Ok now onto business: so if we’re interested in one of the styles posted, how do we check it out again? I can’t remember the process, and since I have three email addresses 😉 for you, not sure which one to use.

  7. I love the look of a different skirt w/ the half jilbabs. I actually bought a bunch of the jilbabs, just the top parts and then bought a grey and black ruffled / tiered skirt from al moultazimoun and I love the style. The skirt adds some flavor and I love wearing a navy top w/ a grey skirt, or a grey top w/ a black skirt etc… I got all neutral colors so everything can be mixed and matched.

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