Summery styles out of Shukr

asalaamu alaikum wr wb…

I got an email a few days ago from Shukr announcing their new summer line…ooohhh, laa laa…some of the designs are quite gorgeous!

On the full length front…I was thrilled with these…and the nice about Shukr is even though their garments are not cheap, atleast you know you can count on the quality, the material and the return policy to be top notch!  I have some pants from Shukr I bought 4-5 years ago and they are all in almost new looking shape, even though Ive worn them hundreds of times over the past few years and their signature cotton fabric gets such a nice, silky smooth softness that hides their sturdyness. Their stuff is worth every penny in my opinion.

My only major qualm with Shukr items is their darkly colored stuff will fade from wear and that irks me, as everything from them that is brown, navy or black gets faded around seams…ugh…so I have to every few months bust out the Rit dye and give them a dye bath, but still…I wish their stuff was more colorfast. Allahu alim…but thats a problem with natural fabrics anyway, although I know some sisters find that aspect of their clothing appealing. Ive started to just buy either denim or lighter toned items from them so if they fade, its no big deal!


This swishy, layer-looking jersey gown is gorgeous…I love the swishy layers! Modest and elegant and covers any problem areas!  Unfortunately if your like me, you eschew stuff like this for everyday wear in favor for simple designs…but if I was more of a dress-up type or often went to sister get togethers I would find this an ideal piece for my wardrobe…

They came back out with the Shirtdress Jilbab (and in many colors!)…I was happy to see that, as I can honestly say this is my favorite jilbab ever! I have one in brown from 2 winters ago and I’ve worn it so much, its cut very A-line, has a double breasted style, is simple, well covering yet has some style and it doesnt accentuate the waist or the hips but just lightly glides over curves so nothing is accentuated.

This is a very sweet looking jilbab too…kind of more youthful in my eyes, sort of with a military coat-esque style. My only qualm is it has a bit too much going on at the front, but for a younger muhajabaat or munaqabaat this would be perfect. I could see rockin’ high school hallways in this with a pair of floral flats and a floral shaylah. *hint hint*

I find this swishy, jersey “dress” to be quite similar to the pleated jersey abayaat which were just coming into style when we were leaving Saudi…I like that they have the same abaya style with the figure concealing pleats and in colors.

OK this is one I didnt like. I remember the layered abaya look from like 10 years ago and I wasnt a fan of it then either as I always found them a bit too formal for everyday wear and I disliked how the top panels blow around in the wind…basically I never found this style comfortable. Ofcourse I’m sure some will disagree with me!


31 thoughts on “Summery styles out of Shukr

  1. I agree on the bottom ‘duster style’ one; I have to say that unfortunately layered jersey stuff never lasts well either; the top layers tend to shrink differently to the dress underneath, or stretch out of shape. I had a top that was like a microcosm of the dress in the top picture-it lasted two washes before it was unwearable. So while the top one looks nice I do wonder if it will keep its shape in the long run?

    I really like the pleated taupey one in the second to last picture-now that is a nice example of a beige/camel type colour, not ones with brassy undertones that makes it look like its made out of Grandma’s nylon slacks material mashaAllaah. It is interesting that a few years ago when they first opened shukr stopped selling ‘jilbabs’ and ‘abayas’ due to lack of demand, and after that for the most part only sold ones that were a bit more form fitting and labelled as ‘dresses’, well clearly the demand is there now as most of their new collection is such garments Alhamdulillaah and many of them are quite covering and conservative. It makes me feel hopeful that the hoochie mama look is gradually on the way out.

    The only thing shukr really need to change is they need to offer a taller length option in their abaya and jilbab-type garments; their skirts and tops get significantly longer the bigger the size and so are suitable for taller sisters (albeit not extremely slim ones) but the overgarments are not really long enough for anyone over 5ft 6 or at a push 5ft 7 particularly if you like floor sweeping overgarments

    • wa alaikum as salaam
      Your very right Shukr…they were not selling overgarments for several years…as you said due to “lack of demand” but I think the demand is now there as they have a LOT of very nice, very modest overgarments now up for sale…including my much beloved Shirtdress jilbab…I LOVE the brown one I have…its fits perfectly and is very much a quality shoulder jilbab. Im glad they are coming back with mroe…because honestly I find problems with the Jordanian ones…like they are all cut sooo narrow and form fitting now and the Turkish ones tend to be mroe comfy but they are also cut very slender, esp in the waist. Which doesnt make sense to me! But these ones are very nice. You know though, i bet the jersey they use is very good and wont stretch or shrink or get wonky like what you say…atleast their cottons and cords are superb…my only issue with them is the fading of the darker colors over time…im used to polyesters which keep their colors…sooo…and yes, ive heard many taller sisters complain about their lack of length…but on the flip side, petite sisters have similar issues…but since the majority of western women are around 5ft4-5ft6…they do kinda cater to the masses…but for taller sisters there are problems, ditto for petite ones, although if your petite you can always hem…unlike if your 5ft10!

  2. I think from my experience even really good quality rayon jersey doesn’t work so well in layered designs, nor those where there is a lot of strain put on seams, its just the characteristic of the fabric particularly if it doesn’t have a very high lycra content of more than 5%, the top I had was from a high end retailer and made of very good quality fabric that looked thicker than the Shukr stuff but rayon jersey fabrics generally work best in simple plain designs, like the pleated taupe/beige abaya above, again this is just in my honest experience from working with such fabrics and buying garments made of these fabrics over many years as many of the tops and dresses in the UK have been made of rayon jersey for years now. I also looked at the pictures of the Kanza dress closely, and the material on the hems already looks a little bunched up on what is presumably a brand new dress so I’d imagine it would worsen after several washings. A plain rayon (non-stretch) would work better for this design, or perhaps a polyester spandex with quite a high lycra/elastane content such as the type some of the dubai stretchy abayas are made from (but not sure if that is available in colours-thats the only thing!).

  3. Assalaamu alaykum.
    Totally in love with that first one but can’t think of any reason to buy it! LOL

  4. I like shukr. I have a pair of pants and a few skirts that are mashallah really good. I tend to ware them a little lower then they are meant to dew to my height. My only issue with shukr is that I am unable to get any over garments or dresses from them dew to length issues. I am not one to rock the stops at the ankle look. Though it seems these days 5’8 and above is to tall for many places, old navy dresses I miss you lol. There clothing is a vary good investment and will last, unlike most stores these days.

    • That’s the good thing about the UK a lot of dresses and skirts from normal stores are very long and drag on the floor on me. Sadly though the long dresses sold in regular stores do not have long sleeves too so cannot pass for an over garment so it’s a shame shukr do not take this into account. Already most shaami, Egyptian and Turkish over garments are made in a set length of 56″

      • I need a 60 at the least, I can ware flats with it. No heal though. With more and more reverts, and changing diets (this seems so play some sort of role), people seem to be getting taller. Though there is a limit to how tall you will get, after all genetics are still there. In Canada where I live finding a floor length skirt in tales going to a “tall” store or hippy store. Though its really still a hit or miss. The scary thing I have started to notice is that all the tops are getting shorter, really short, like belly button short. Adding this with legging…. time stock up on Long tank tops and tops that go to my hips. Has anyone ells noticed this trend?

    • Yes I have noticed this too, I hate short tops even those just about long enough to cover my stomach and even just worn amongst mahrems because they are so unflattering. Oddly though while all other stores have gone this way there is a discount store in the UK, Primark who have made all their t-shirts super long and the sleeves on them as well. I got a black t-shirt from there for only £3 and it is very generously sized and covers down to mid thigh, unfortunately though they don’t sell online. There is another brand cotton traders in the UK and they also do nice long t-shirts and tops but they don’t ship outside of the UK.

      • Assalaamu alaykum.
        Try “Elle” branded tops in TKMaxx. I hate tops which are short but their tshirts come well down to my thighs – great for under stuff.

      • I keep hearing of this Primark. Is it kind of like the Walmart of the UK? I have to visit. I can see a hole suitcase full of long long sleeve tops. They are smart not to follow this trend. Its like the 80’s and 90’s are fighting for supremacy. Next they will have multi coloured windbrakers with sweatpants back in fashion. I find that the tops that just cover the tummy hit everyone in the wrong way. I think It has to do with cutting the body visually at the wrong spot. Things look better when resting at least at the hips, it gives a more even look I think.

      • Nope we have ‘walmart’ already but it is called ASDA here; Primark just sells clothing, shoes, accessories and housewares. It does have the silly fashions too but every season they always have quite a few Muslimah friendly items and their basic t-shirts (which are long sleeved in autumn/winter/spring; short sleeved in summer) are really decent and modest. They go up to a UK size 20 as well. They also almost always have some maxi skirts or dresses in their range regardless if they are in fashion; long tunic tops, long cardigans, scarves etc etc.

  5. I love all these designs and am happy to see more modest abayas being offered. I hope to order the one seen at the top of this page…in navy, inshaAllah. I have found that any jersey…be it in cotton or rayon, clings like matter the size, and is HOT since it has spandex, that is my only reservation in purchasing an abaya or dress made of that fabric. Although there is fading with linen or cotton, the garments made of these natural fabrics are so much more comfortable and do not cling.

  6. I love the 3rd one from the top, so simple! I love Shukr, and have some stuff from about 6-7 years ago that’s still in great condition.
    But I did wear out a shirt, in rayon, because that kind of fabric frays so much and the seams started wearing out in places, I was sad to see it go…but I got lots of use out of it.
    I wish I could buy somethings from them from the new summer collection…sigh…

  7. oh i love the first one! so sweet.. but i wonder how it holds up when you walk? i have a microfiber abaya and it bunches up when i walk especially if i wear jeans underneath (it is the same with the cotton skirt like pants too)..

  8. Most rayon jersey is clingy especially the thinner types. I have found the ones that aren’t tend to be very thick, and also pretty expensive by the metre to boot. I did get a grey marl version once and that is not clingy at all mashaAllaah; I made a floor length khimar from it, it is thick and non-clingy but lightweight so doesn’t drag down during wear. Also I merely did a rolled hem on the bottom and zig-zagged it and it hasn’t bunched up after tens of washes, I got two other rayon jersey fabrics at the same time and they were a disaster, not suitable at all.

  9. Salaams, late reply I know. But I must say that I bought the Nusra jilbab in navy (and I am def not of high school age…way older). I need to get it altered a bit (hemmed really) but seriously I must say, it’s fierce!!! The pockets are perrrfect. FYI: the snaps make for a quick off/on if you are nursing.

    I will def rock this a lot after getting it hemmed!!!

  10. Assalamu alaikum
    Hope you’re doing well with your finals!
    Actually I’m very interested in the shirtdress jilbab, and since you own one I wanted to ask you if it’s suitable for warm weather. can I wear it in like 80-90 °F without feeling too hot in it? Also, it seems from the pictures in the website that their jilbabs barely reach the ankles, I’m 5ft6 and a bit worried that a size L would be too short on me (I want it to reach the floor actually)
    Thank you in advance!

    • wa alaikum as salaam!

      Okay sister, I do actually have one of their new shirtdress jilbabs…I got it in khaki this time around. First off the cotton is just a wee bit thinner/lighter than the cotton they used for their previous shirtdress jilbab version (the one I had, that I bought winter offfffffff 2010, if I remember correctly). so it is a bit lighter/cooler. Now here in summer we get very humid and gets up to 80’s, 90’s and even 100’s…granted in super hot weather id take a airy saloona abaya or overead over a light tunic anyday over a shoulder jilbab, but for even up to the 80’s its not bad. You’ll sweat but its not too bad. Its cotton so it dries and you dont get all stinky and gross feeling (one perk to cotton, I must say) For uber high heats…probably not. Now last summer I did wear my first one quite a bit, even on super duper hot and humid days and I survives but I wore shorts under a gauzy skkirt and a light cami and a light gauzey hijab so I wasnt too hot. It just depends on what you can handle.

      length thou u may have issues…if your 5ft6, it maye hit ankles on you. On me it skims the floor…im also 5ft4 thou…so keep that in mind.

      I hope this helps…

      • Of course it helps, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed answer. Here where I live it’s not humid at all but quite hot in the summer starting from may or june so I guess the cotton should be fine as you said. For the length, well if it’s shorter than I want it to be I could just put on a skirt or jeans under the jilbab it should be okay maybe. I’ll think about it.
        Jazakillahu khairan sister Umm Ibrahim

  11. Salaams Sis Yasmine.
    Regarding length, check Shukr’s garment measurement on the shirtdress. For a size large, it’s usually 57 inches. I’m 5’6 and usually have to get it hemmed quite a bit to keep the jilbab/dresses from dragging on the floor. You might be surprised at the length of the jilbab.

    • Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullah
      Well thank you sister I’m glad to hear this. I was concerned because although the measurements suggest fairly long jilbabs, all the pictures on the website show ankle-length garments. Thank you again

  12. assalamu can i buy these dresses?from where can i get information about them?

    • Sister read the blog post….its says “summery styles out of Shukr” and I believe there is a link in the first paragraph. Ok 🙂

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