Chillin’ at a festival – ootd

asalaamu alaikum wr wb

Today I took the kidlet and went down to a childrens festival which has been going on for the past few days. It was a lot of fun and I ended up plopping down at the local masjids tent and hanging out with some of the sisters I know (hey, you have to rest after walking for a few hours, dont you?)

Here are a few snaps from today. I wore my rather heavenly Jelbab Makkah from Al Moultazimoun. Really…its sooo refreshingly light and airy, I cant get enough of it!  I just wore it over my typical summer style of jeans and a tee. I ore a pale blue headband udner the jelbab with just a wee bit peaking out and ofcourse my comfy sneakers and well-traveled Paquetage cross-body purse. Super simple, easy, airy and very comfortable!

While we were hanging out at the masjid tent  these two-teenaged sisters came by to help out and I could not resist but snap some pictures of their styles…first I LOVED both of their outfits and two, I always get so happy and excited when I see a teenaged Muslimah dressing like a proper hejabi in an overgarment or clothing which covers like an overgarment!  I am just not down with this letting ones kids dress crazy just because they are teenagers!  I though both had such style…mash’Allah. I’m loving the converse sneakers btw…I think I wanna get myself some of those sometime. en’sha’Allah

This sister does some very pretty calligraphy, here she is practicing. mash’Allah. I was getting her to write my sons name so I could put it on his wall.


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  1. Mashallah I wish getting my own teen to dress modestly wasn’t such a battle. I honestly wonder how some moms do it?? I really love their look and yours as usual!

    • Haha, yes, it’s me! And the hoodie/skirt outfit was my favorite! Now I must find a way to recreate it… 🙂

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