Making the Burqa in Hormozagan province.

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asalaamu alaikum…

wow I’m surprised at the responses I got from my previous post on the dress of the Bandari peoples in Southern Iran. I thought noone really even read that series. Alhamdullah…

anyway, I found this neat pictorial showing how they make the traditional burqa (pron. bor-gha in Farsi) in Bandar Abbas (a city in Hormozagan province).

(Buying already made burqas and trimmings in the Bandar Abbas bazaar)

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4 thoughts on “Making the Burqa in Hormozagan province.

  1. beautiful mA! Do you if traditionally they would completely cover their faces with the niqab underneath the burqa? I’m guessing not, b/c for example the older Emirati women I see from the more rural areas who wear the burqa (the gold one) here in the UAE don’t

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