A scent I adore…Atr-e gol-e farsi…Persian rose scent…

asalaamu alaikum wr wb!

We were at WholeFoods last evening getting a few things and I wandered into the cosmetics and fragrances aisle and saw in the body creams section a new body cream from Pacifica called Persian Rose and of course I HAD to open it up, sniff it and try it!  mash’Allah…the scent was *fantastic* and my husband I both agreed it smells exactly like the “golabi” (rose water/essence) produced in Kashan…a city in Esfahan province in Iran which is famous for its roses and rose essences. The scent was very close to a fresh Kashan rose…very light, delicate but with a fantastic smell which lingers in your mind. Not thick, sweet or cloying…I dislike most rose scents because they smell too chemicalized, too sweet and nauseating. not light, fresh and beautiful like a real kashani rose.

Scents aside, the cream itself was really wonderful and although I just sampled a wee bit, the cream really softened my hands for several hours afterwards. Only downer was the scent didnt last very long, after about 1 hour it was basically gone and the price…at $18 bucks a pop I was a bit miffed by that, but I could forgive the $$ due to the scent and the cream itself. The Persian Rose line is also available in a spritz,  so, given a change I would go for that .

Speaking of roses from Kashan…I found a few snaps of the the Kashan rose proiduction. The very top picture is how they make the essence…the attr or golabi.

the finished product…

A woman from around Kashan picking roses…she is in very typical, Central Iranian villager dress.


6 thoughts on “A scent I adore…Atr-e gol-e farsi…Persian rose scent…

  1. Oh, I love Pacifica stuff, I have an Indian Coconut perfume and it smells sooo good…I’ll have to check out this Persian Rose one because I also love rose scent, but most of the perfumes or lotions I’ve tried I didn’t like.

  2. I love the smell of roses but agree many creams and perfumes do not really match up. I got some rose perfume from Egypt and it’s the only rose scent I really liked. I may try this one too.

  3. I love rose attar too! Have you ever tried the sandalwood and rose (the proper one that is like a thick oozing syrup not the cheap fake one), it is even nicer than rose alone-has a certain edge that rose on its own doesn’t have.

  4. My favorite from Pacifica is the lilac scent (I get it in soap though, and only on special occasions because it really is rather overpriced–but I just love it and try to get my hands on anything lilac scented. I don’t think I’ve seen it available as lotion) :). I’m not usually a fan of rose-scented/flavored items, though I like the smell of actual roses, but I’ll have to smell this rose one if it pops up in my local store.

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