Things people think about niqabis…

asalaamu alaikum…

Ive been culling a few random niqab related photos which really illustrate some of the wrong stereotypes that exist about Muslim women who cover their faces (munaqabaats) and my thoughts… Any sister who wears niqab or have a lot of niqab wearing friends can I’m sure relate. hehehehe

Stereotype 1) Niqabis cant have fun on a swingset!

Au contraire..who doesn’t love swinging and whats more elegant than a long abaya flapping in the breeze as you catch some major air time…?

Stereptype 2) Niqabis aren’t brave…

Just because a sister wears niqab doesnt mean shes submissive…if anything, niqabis in the west are the original superheros because they brave a lot more nastyness and rudeness than the average hejabi.

Stereotype 3) Niqabis can’t eat ice cream!

Well…go down to a ice cream parlor in any multicultural city in the summer and you’ll be proven wrong…and just to cover all bases… THERE ARE such things are “eating” niqabs for a reason… y’know. ‘N dont forget… Saudi’s love their Baskin Robbins and McDonalds ice creams as I can personally attest too!

Stereotype 4) Niqabis live in a technology black hole…

Yes I have actually heard people be shocked to see a niqabi with a cell phone…some people actually think Muslim women and esp. covering Muslim women arent allowed to have cell phones!!

Stereotype 5) Oh the irony…oh the CONTROVERSY!

’nuff said…


13 thoughts on “Things people think about niqabis…

  1. Mashallah I love the last one the best. Even as a hijabi I get the craziest looks when buying bras. I can only imagine what they think we wear instead lol.

    • LOOOL…actually the reason why I picked that is first the reason you mention and 2, because it was taken by a canadian Muslimah whose a niqabi and an art student, it was exhibited at her University but the Saudi embassy took offense…it was some huge thing. LOL. hence the url after it, which is a news clip about it. LOOOL

  2. Assalaamu alaykum.
    Hehe can definitely relate, and mashaAllah I LOVE the first pic. I remember being told once I couldn’t go on a jetski cos I was wearing niqab so since I didn’t see the relevance of niqab preventing me from jetskiing, I did it anyway.

  3. Oooooooooh, what’s the fabric of the jilbabs/abayas in the fourth picture……very shiny and metallicy-loves it…..

    • Some type of metallic crepe, not sure exactly what but probably polyester. Never seen this type of fabric on a roll though I have seen other metallic/two tone rayon blends that look similar-they do crease more easily though

  4. Assalamu alaykum sisters.
    I’m really glad I came across your blog. Here in South Africa the famous line that Niqaabis/Hijaabis get is: don’t you feel hot in that and we’d use the opportunity to explain the wisdom of hijab/niqab and the beauty of Islam. 😀

  5. So… how DO you eat ice cream (or anything else) with a niqab, if you don’t mind answering? I actually posed the whole “eating with niqab” question to my ex husband (people in his family wore niqab) as I figured you would have to lower/move aside the niqab to eat, and he said they didn’t eat in mixed company with niqab on, only in the women’s section of the restaurants (in that country, obviously in the US this wouldn’t be an option). :/ I didn’t find this a very satisfactory or practical answer, but I also don’t know how much he actually paid attention to these aspects.

    • Wa salaam… Well the niqabis I know tend to wear niqabs which give a lot of eating room when out (yes some niqabs are more eating friendly than others), they also develop techniques for eating out, some foods are hard w/ niqab no matter what, but they do develop tricks for doing so…it just takes time and practice.
      Also there are now “eating” niqabs where u can unsnap 1 side (just make sure that open side faces a wall) when I wore niqab here ages ages ago , I dunno, I just mimicked friends, it didn’t cause me many problems honestly.. Also can get ice cream in a cup and then lift up the niqab enough to spoon ice cream into your mouth… Lol there are ways. Me thinks u need to hang w niqabis more… Lol

  6. I wear niqab and while I can eat under my niqab; it does take out some of the fun of eating and you do have to watch what you eat as some foods really are too messy. Thankfully some restaurants in the UK do have family seating-but it isn’t many.

  7. my heart goes out for all niqabis! i love each and one of them. here supposedly a muslim country niqab is very rare and people are discouraged to observe it. i find lingerie commentaries hilarious. people assume when you are covered you go naked underneath? or lingeries are supposed to be showed off so when you are a hijabi/niqabi they sort of lost point? lol. personally i am so much a messy eater i wouldn’t dare even try to take a sip of water 😛 here (turkey) few niqabis we have are tend to not to participate in social life that often they can only be seen going from one point to other so that’s an option too, fed yourself at home so you won’t need to eat 😀 i hope to become a niqabi one day insaallah!

  8. assalamu alaykum
    i love swinging myself silly on the swing. get some breeze lol.
    im a messy eater too. i always carry extra niqab n gloves in my bag and another kept in my van. but i always hv this line ready if ppl ask how i eat wif my face covered ? ( i hv a mouth duh ) , ” i eat to live, you live to eat “.
    & lol at the last pic. they think we dnt wear that underneath. Infact some ppl think we sleep with it.

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