Product Review: Kuwaiti niqabs from AmAllys Fashions

asalaamu alaikum wr wb sisters!


You all know I don’t really wear niqab…although I have worn it off and on over the past decade I do not consider myself a niqabi. But since I do have experience with niqab, I’m not too shabby at figuring out whats a decent, comfortable and BREATHABLE niqab and whats utter trash and not worth a penny!

NE way., I wanted to give a shout out to sister Ameera over in Ohio who has just started running a business brining authentic and high quality abayaat, niqabs and other items from Kuwait. The items she is selling is the stuff which Kuwaiti women wear, its not poor quality, excessively gaudy or made in poor fabrics for the export market, but real Kuwaiti attire. Much like when I lived in Saudi and ran Arabian Threads, I never sold the junk from the 5riyal shops or places geared towards foreigner workers…but the shops actual Saudi’s purchased from.  Yes, you can tell the difference in quality and design!

Anyway, she sent me a very fabulous all cotton mesh, traditional Kuwaiti niqab. I tried it on a bit and walked around outside and felt the air flowing against my face.

In a nutshell…its a very good, traditional style, cotton niqab. The eyeveil panel is HUGE and frankly, if you removed the face covering part can easily be a boushiyyah/gatwa. The face cover is attached to the soft, wide headband with elastic (handy, I saw some niqabs in Saudi with that feature) and the face veil itself is 2 layers of cotton mesh.  My glasses didnt fog up and the eye opening is quite ample and wide annnddd the ends of the niqab are rolled under and finished!  MOst Saudi and Gulf everyday niqabs (Not from expensive boutiques) that I remember from Saudi do not have finished edges…only the expensive, boutique niqabs did, so this was a surprise to me.

Overall, if your in the market for an actual breathable, summer worthy niqab look her up!

Shes on Ebay and has a small shop online. AmAllys Boutique.  She has a lot of stuff which I am droooooooooooooling over. mash’Allah.

Here are som e pictures I snapped of the niqab outside. This really reminds me of a very comfy gatwah I had which I had purchased in Bahrain but sadly…gave away before leaving 😦



4 thoughts on “Product Review: Kuwaiti niqabs from AmAllys Fashions

  1. Nice, mashallah. If you wore the eye veil down, how see-through is it? I always want to wear the veils over my eyes, but always have a hard time reading things, or sometimes even just seeing where I’m going. 😦

    • well sis the entire thing is made of cotton gauze material which is what was traditionally used for niqabs and even for tarha. Originally the women usually wore gatwah/boushiyyah which is an affixed piece of material hanging down over the face, that whole niqab just covering the face not eyes is a kinda new thing. Anyway, the material used for this niqab is the same as the traditional gatwah/boushiyyah I had from Bahrain and which is traditional through the Gulf. I wore it with the eye veil down and its the same as when I wore my bahraini gatwah or wore one of my cotton gauze shaylahs/tarha around and threw the edge up over my face ala’ traditional, old school style. I could see through it perfectly find. I have used niqabs where the eye veil is a thicker chiffon or polyester and yes those were hard to see through, but a good, wearable niqab with eyeveil ill be comfy and wearable and you can see through it. Far too many niqabs sold in the US are really unwearable junk imho. This one is quite traditional, old school but breathable-see-through-able. Again, I foetn did the gatwah thing in saudi, even after I stopped with niqab as it protects the face and eyes from sun and sand so i’m coming from that standpoint.

  2. Looks good. I remember when we used to order kuwaiti niqabs from a certain unreliable website; the good ones were fantastic; the bad ones were horrendous but such was the quality control of that site (or lack thereof) that you never knew what you were going to get. Cotton works well in dry heat but not so well in very humid heat such as we often have in the UK (when its not raining, which is rare lol). I do have a scarf exactly like this one that I got from a conference once, I used it to cover my face while on umrah and it was very easy to see through.

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