Adding buttons to overgarments…

asalaamu alaikum wr wb sisters!

Darnit! Its so hard to figure out what to title posts sometimes. So basically this post is about how to add buttons inside of an overgarment which has buttons but they stop at around waist or hip level and you find this feature rather irksome!  Unfortunatelhy this is a big problem with Turkish made overgarments (called pardesu or kap) because almost all of them-for whatever reason, I know not what! Tend to have just a few buttons on them and usually they stop around waist, hip or maybe mid tight/knee level. This makes wearing them with anything but a long skirt a huge immodest hassle! I  have 2 Turkish garments which I had to do this too!  The Miss Yagmur kap which I reviewed ages back has buttons which stop around navel area…and then a full length beige pardesu (Tugba & Venn brand) which has buttons to mid-thigh.  Now…my problem is that I really do not wear skirts with much regularity and in my eyes one blessing of wearing an overgarment is I can throw it on over jeans and a tanktop and be off! Not waste time picking under clothing which coordinates!! Even with extremely wide legged pants (like the Shukr Lengha pants) on under, still…a good gust of wind will cause the garment to whip open…and negating your hejab as you will be exposed! Not cool!  I reckon maybe the Turkish companies think most pardesu/kap wearing women will wear skirts…yet I see pictures of them with them over skinnies…so I think they really need to atleast add hidden internal buttons or something.

Anyway, I have solved this problem by adding my own buttons!

It really doesnt take much skill beyond being able to hand stitch some buttons on and something to loop around them…so nothing too fancy…oh and Id recommend having sme white soap (marking posts) and pins on hand.

This is what I did…

(The Tugba & Venn summer pardesu…pardon it being upside down! LOL…the buttons end a little above the knees on me.)

Basically I took small buttons which I had stashed away somwhere and used them and then made loops from those satin strips which come on skirts for hanging on hangers…really nothing too it! The only hard part was ensuring they lined up properly and the pardesu hung right…thats where pins, the white soap and trial/error comes in!


For the Miss Yagmur kap…I actually did quite a bit of surgery on it…I took it out on the sides about 1 inch (for some reason they make their stuff very slender fitting…kind of whats trendy right now in Iran and Turkey as far as pardesu/lap/manteau gooo) and then I took out the lining and refinished the edges (not hard!) then I used any extra pieces I took off of the kap (like the big gaudy epulates on the shoulder which stuck UP when I wore it) and used those for the internal buttons! Voila…super easy.

Woohoo…so now I can wear the kap with my wide-legged Lengha pants with no exposure problems and the long pardesu with my regular baggy jeans with out any exposure issues…I say, win-win situation!

really if you dont know how to sew, it may seem daunting…but really its not. I loath pinning the inside of my garments as they tend to rip and if you want to take them off -say for wuduh, then you have to fiddle with repinning them…these buttons save a LOT of hassle!  mash’Allah.


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  1. Mashallah sis, you’re very inventive, lol. I would never even think of doing that. I always wear abayas, but that’s something to think about for my daughter’s clothing.

    • sis I was thinking of you…have you looked at Philly based BintQ…they have some very youthful, funky fresh garments…I actually like their “tweed print” crepe “coat” which is like a knee/calf length manteau with cool pleating…only 45dineros…your daughter may think its rather cute. I think the style is very fresh, simple yet wearable myself. Mash’Allah..maybe take a peep

  2. You are an absolute genius; may Allaah preserve you honestly. In all my years of altering and wearing overgarments I have never ever considered this. I have ruined many a garment with hemming tape and other less than ideal solutions in the past. I don’t have any garments like that at the moment but I was eyeing up a Turkish ‘dirty denim’ jilbaab that for once does come in my length and measurements; but it looks open from about waist down, your trick is definitely something I will be doing should I buy it (though not right now as it can join the back of the queue with several other items on my ‘to buy’ list lol)

    • wa alaikum as salaam…whow…umm Abdullah…coming from you…I feel major honor :-). Thanks…I dunno, the idea hit me one day-Oh I remember where I got the idea… I got a Syrian jilbab in Saudi which now doesn’t fit me (and is up on Storenvy) and it had the internal button/loop contraption..I saw that and was like,, whow, genius idea! LOL. Anyway, I actually JUST did the same to this 3/4th kap I had also purchased in Saudi which is made of a very light cotton canvas material so I could only ever wear it cept with a skirt because the material would easily rip with a pin to keep it closed as its *ofcourse* open from the navel down (once again, I say…DUH! LOL, the men who design these things need to use their brains!)…anyway, it now has the little satin loops and small buttons…and I just modeled it for the hubby and kidlet over my uber wide legged mauve lengha pants an oversized Baloochi style scarf (from Iran)…looks rather unique…I may wear the ensemble tomorrow. im just glad I finally did it, cuz i loath skirts-in all honesty…unless they are very simple, elastic waisted things…so i am all like…woow, can now wear with my skirt pants/lengha pants! woot woot! mash’Allah. definetly try…its really NOT hard! alhamdullah

  3. I have absolutely zero sewing skills but am tre happy that you figured out a way to keep bottom flaps secured. I resort to using hijab pins to secure wayward flaps

  4. That’s a really smart thing to do! I’ve seen that look a lot lately, halfway unbuttoned…either a man is making them or they’re just trying to be ‘modern’ and ‘fashionable’ but I prefer buttons all the way!

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