Wont be updating much now and other stuff

asalaamu alaikum wr wb

I wont be updating this blog really between now and the end of the month due to finishing up my semester. Hope noone minds!!

Ive updated (yet again…) my StoreEnvy page with a new more items…and I still have more to go!
There is now a traditional Japanese saloona (grade 1) Saudi batwing overhead up and 2 overhead jelbab sets along with some larger sized jilbabs from Jordan/Syria. en’sha’Allah take a look.

Okay…eltemas doa’a (keep in your prayers!)



9 thoughts on “Wont be updating much now and other stuff

  1. Ya rabb, may you do exceptionally well in the rest of your studies Ameen! I will as always miss your blog postings.

    A bit off topic but yesterday I went to a lecture and there was a sister there selling ‘maxi’ or as they are known amongst the trendy fashionista types ‘volumising hijabs’. In themselves and worn appropriately, i.e not piled up on the head and not with a fake bun under they are actually really stylish but understated and if not all scrumpled up to provide ‘volume’ give better coverage as they are at least 35″ wide in most cases with some being up to 45 or 55″ wide. The sister was selling them for £3 or £4 depending on the design but I’ve looked online and people are selling the same ones for £7-£14! Rip off! Alhamdulillaah I got 3 subtle floral design ones and one plain black.

    • Salaamu alaikum, sis all sarouel r plus size… It’s the nature of the cut, just order from France as I don’t have any. Also the overhead thing is called a half jelbab.

      • self face palm. ive read most of your travel part of your blog and i said “overhead thingy” wow. i dont even remember most of this week i was really sick

  2. All the best with finishing your semester! I wanted to tell you that I would love to do a tutorial re: shayla wrapped into loose niqab. But been too busy to write. Also, could you email me (I know you’re busy, sorry!) I would like to ask you about something, inshaAllah it won’t take too much of your time.

  3. Salaam Umm Ibrahim
    How are you? Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to tell you that I miss your blog postings!
    Looking forward to hearing from you again insha’allah

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