Pretty summer manteau (pardesu)

asalaamu alaikum,
Sorry for being MIA! Ive been busy with a lot of stuff since the semester ended and I will continue to be busy until my semester resumes…hahahha. Such is life! In addition Ive felt a bit down lately about this blog as I feel like some people, you just can not please! Either what I write and show is TOO conservative or NOT conservative enough-and then sometimes people bicker or I hear about it inrl…oh, forget it! I show my own personal style and likes and dislikes and information which may be useful through this blog, I dont push any one methodology or madhab and yes I have no qualms switching from a black abaya one days to the next day a French Jelbab to the next day a calf length Irani manteau with a Turkish scarf. I’m eccentric with my style and if others arent…then Allahu alim….as long as its constitutes proper hejab…i’m with it! mash’Allah.

**and just for the record…cuz Ive had some RUDE comments from “readers”…this blog is NOT solely a garment review blog! Its a plethora of things…related to proper Hejab…and if I want to showcase Irani tribal hejab styles or review a jilbab or talk about scholarly rulings behind covering the chin…LOL…so be it!  I can choose to do so. Don’t pidgeon hole me! jazakh’Allah’Khair**

Lastly…Ramadhan is close! May it be a rewarding fast for all of us, en’sha’Allah.



Anyway…summer is in full swing…I was over on E-Tesettur this evening and saw some pardesu which I think are really lovely and ever so summery.

The first is…

A sunny YELLOW number from Almera!   If it was at least knee length of a wee touch longer I would be all over this yellow number! How summery…how beautiful! I *love* yellow…I own like 3 yellow scarves and really can not get enough of the color in the summer. mash’Allah.  This manteau could indeed be rocked with wide-legged jeans or a long skirt. The style is uber Irani due to cut and length but again, it could be made more modest with a skirt or wide legged jeans (like those Skirt-Pants from Shukr).

On the longer front…

This 3/4th length from Şukran-Dİamat with such a swishy, wide hem. I am seeing a lot of Turkish pardesu/manteau being cut with a wide, full, dress like bottom. I LOVE that style…it cover curves well while gives a feminine style and is probably airier and lighter than the more staid straight cut.


Then this full length number aslso from Almera. Although the cut is very traditional jilbab style…the color is very unexpected…its like a peacock green. Very stylish and unique. Also the simplicity of cut and double breasted style is very flattering yet everything is covered and modest. mash’Allah



Oh and I wanted to add, as par my previous post. I recieved the pants from Shukr and have been wearing them daily!  The Denim Maymoona ones are indeed good everyday denims…they are actually 100% cotton…I forgot how comfortable cotton denim was since it seems like 98% of all jeans on the US market are a blend of spandex and cotton or rayon and spandex and you really feel it in the high humidity! ugh.  No complaints there…the Denim Skirt-Pant are very nice but they lack some of the graces that their own denim Lengha jeans had…for example the front and back seams are weak and ive already had to reinfore the areas and due to the way they are cut and folded…if you stand yes they look like a skirt but when you walk like lengha jeans…yet they are cut in a slightly funny way. I dunno, I cant explain. I adore them…dont get me wrong…but they arent as nice as their old Lengha jeans…I wish they would bring those back…


7 thoughts on “Pretty summer manteau (pardesu)

  1. I noticed SHUKR had the 100% cotton too 🙂 They are sooo much nicer in the heat for sure (well all the time for me but one of the worst things about the stretch blends is how they don’t breathe). Unfortunately SHUKR pants are always too short for me, I’m still hoping they come out with some longer lengths or length options :). I did find some 100% cotton jeans off the rack the other day unexpectedly though, at Ann Taylor LOFT! (it is one place where I have occasionally over the years found 100% cotton wide or bootcut pants, so I still check once in a while). I might re-order some custom-made jeans after Ramadan this year too, my old ones don’t fit anymore, and they’re not that much more expensive than off-the-rack, just take a long time.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to say: Try not to let naysayers get to you! I was blown away by some unexpected negativity on my blog lately too, sometimes people just get wrought up :P. It’s impossible to make everybody happy, just do what you think is right 🙂 I have never found anybody who agrees with me on everything and I doubt I ever will. Personally I love switching styles too, sometimes I wear a full length abaya, sometimes I wear pants and top!

  3. Oh wow, I love that green one!! I enjoy reading your blog. There’s nothing wrong with switching styles, as long as you’re covered properly, I don’t get why people think you can only wear one particular style. You can’t please everyone, and there are some people who are never pleased.

  4. please ignore the bad reactions.
    Unfotunately there are too much yealous and not nice people in the world.
    You are an awsome sister, masha’Allah.
    Please don`t stop blogging.

    XO Arezu

    Ramazan Mobarak

    • Arreh…I know…whats funny is this blog is like 4 years old so long time readers know how I run things…if these hyperactive newbies who get all worked up! LOL…Ramadhan mobarek khaharam…eltemas doa’a…en’sha’Allah!

  5. OMG, I smiled deeply when I saw the green jilbab…It reminds me of something I had in back in the 90s (minus the super shoulder pads of course). Ewwww shudder! I’m sure the “old heads” would understand (lol). But this one looks more modern alhamdulillah.

    Thanks for endorsing the Maymuna jean pants!!!! I was hoping you’d do a review on them as I’ve been eyeing them for awhile. My issue with Shukr is that most of their summer jilbabs are made of medium-weight cotton (but anyway, I digress!)

    Ramadhan mubarak to all

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