Smiling muhajabaat…

Its funny…sometimes non-Muslim think that Muslims are grouchy, never smile and are not kind…I dont know why, but ive actually read comments of parenting boards about people saying all the Muslim women they see look so angry all the time. LOL.  I dont know whether its because having to go to the park with a young child can sometimes be trying or what…but yes…Muslims smile.  Infact there are numerous hadeeth about friendliness and kindness which we are supposed to enjoin. en’sha’Allah.

I found this picture and it was sooo refreshing, like a 100% change from the usual picture of Turkish women in Carsaf who usually look so “staid”…here they are smiling and being “normal”…and in black no less…mash’Allah.  We all have good days and bad days…we can all be grouchy but we should never let the grounchy days be more than the good, happy days…God willing. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Smiling muhajabaat…

  1. Love this picture! I actually thought carsaf was only worn by conservative elderly women; it looks like it is becoming more and more popular among young turkish ladies as well.

  2. Asalaamu alaikum

    I think it depends where they are from. I notice that the older Arab women are always angry looking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any women looking as miserable as they do. I have no idea why but some people told me that its probably a reaction to their marriages. Hmmm. When I go to RIS…a huge Muslim conference where everyone is so happy to learn about Islam and last year be with 20,000 other Muslims, still they looked so unhappy. If non-muslims constantly see these women they would think that all Muslim women are miserable. However if you saw Malaysian Muslim women you would think that they are perpetually happy! I think I’ve never seen people smile more than Malaysians. I being a convert have my good and bad days. I have found it hard to rise up to the smile its sunnah ideal. Maybe one day? Insha Allah. Of course if we are unhappy, non-muslims will think we hate being Muslim and are oppressed but that is not the case and we get unhappy for the same reasons usually that non-Muslims do. Can you tell I think about this topic too much? 🙂

    • Lol I am arab and disagree old Arab women are the happyest, well they are in morocco.

      I find asian old women to be the most unnaproachable, angry looking and never respond to salams. Instead you get dirty looks like you just Insulted them. My experince in the UK

  3. Being from Turkey, I can tell you that seeing carsaf women looking happy is rare. The pic is kind of refreshing actually, although this is not an accurate portrayal of carsaf of women who wear carsaf, because I have never actually seen one smile. @Yasmine, it is mainly worn by elderly women. The younger women who wear it are from very conservative groups. They all look so serious and unapproachable and I feel uncomfortable around them. I knew one woman who wore them (a friend of a friend) constantly sending me facebook messages about how I was sinning because I dress more like the girls in the back and that the only true hijab is carsaf. It was very off-putting and I ended up blocking her. There are not that many younger women who wear it. It is personally not my thing, I can be just as modest and pious by wearing the outfits in the back which are more my style.

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