The 2 piece French jelbabs are in-stock!

asalaamu alaikum

I dont really forsee getting that website back up and running, I just dont have the time…so in the meantime I will stick with Facebook (as much as I loath the thing) and Ebay.

I have up a purchase option through Ebay for the 2 piece Jelbabs….they are really…really nice, mash’Allah and the quality of the stitching is par excellence…the material is koshibo crepe and its an all-season koshibo. Not super thin but not thick. definetly all season.  I find myself wearing the top jelbab piece with other skirts all the time and ive had a lot of compliments…My favorite color is Royal Blue…its truely eye popping and out of the ordinary.  My husband thinks the light grey is the nicest and the most “everyday”…LOL

Anyway…they are here.. (hint, hint, i finally sorted out my basement and put a TON more stuff up of my own to rehouse…so check that stuff out too…wink wink)


6 thoughts on “The 2 piece French jelbabs are in-stock!

  1. Asalam waliykum sis. WELCOME BACK.

    While you were away i read your entire blog!!! Ramadan kareem sis.
    Do you ship to the Uk and if so how long does it take??

    wasalam, please check out my blog sis 😀

    • salaam…yes, but you have to order directly from me, not via ebay. just give me your email and i’ll send you a payment request with shipping and you just tell me size and color. OK.

  2. p.s also i have the two piece jilbab from the french store. but the elastic is waaay to tight. Is there a way to adjust it?
    At the moment when i wear it it slips down my head over my eyes becuase elastic so tight, and when i put the chin bit over my chin i canot open my mouth. this is becuase of the elastic, Should i just chop it off and add ties??

    • salaam…sis u dunno as I dunno what brand you have. Only newer models from AlMoultazimoun has elastic and its def. a huge improvement and very comfortable and i have a big head…i dunno what brand you have though and how yours look. you could always take a gamble and cut it out and just sew in ties. I dunno though. The ones I carry on ebay dont have elastic…just tie-backs.

      • I got all of mine from Al Moultazimoun aswell 3 are tie backs which are comfortable as I can adjust where it sits on my head and the other two piece has elastic with sleeves. It feels tight, and like I said can’t open my mouth. If I do it pulls on the top bit and comes over my eyes. I didn’t think my head was big lol.

        I think Ill chop it off… ill try stretch it a bit see how that is. Inshallah..

        Iv got a few at the moment, I bulk buy lol. so inshallah ill check out your store in the future.

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